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(No) Word Wednesday *Special Super Moon Edition!*


Moonlit Peaks

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A Case of the Mondays.


Hrmph.  This weather, especially on a Monday, is just bleh.  There’s nothing nice about cold, dark, rainy days on a winter landscape.  You don’t get the feeling that the trees and plants are enjoying the rain as you do during the summer or spring.  The only people that enjoy this weather are hunters, because it makes everything quiet and suppresses odors, but it’s not hunting season.  So who’s happy?  No one.

So here I am wishing for someplace warm, sunny, with lapping waves and soft golden colored beaches and palm trees.  Lots of palm trees.  Oh, I don’t know… someplace like… Kappad beach, 20 km North of Kozhidoke (Calicut), Kerala.

Walk on the beach

(Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays)


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(No) Word Wednesday



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(No) Word Wednesday


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(No) Word Wednesday*

* Okay maybe a few words. September 11th is coming up, and this photo is my “tribute” for that day. This is a sculpture by Michael Richards, who is a Jamaican American artist. It is cast from the artist’s body and it’s actually a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen. The planes are representing arrows that were shot at St. Sebastian, an early Christian martyr. So how does this connect to 9/11? Richards died in his studio, which was in 92nd floor of Tower One on September 11th, 2001.

Tar Baby vs. St. Sebastian, 1999.

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(No) Word Wednesday

Standing tall.

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(No) Word Wednesday

School Train.

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