West Point Mill.

As you can see Dear Reader, the last time we updated this blog was little over a week ago, on the last day of our 30 day blog challenge.  Then things got hectic as Christmas was right around the corner and there was were still some things to do before our trip to Staunton, VA!  So despite our to do list, I of course made plans to wake up on Christmas Eve at 6am and meet up with two Flickr connections, Tino and Ranjith, for a little photo shooting.  That hurt so much.  It was the first time I had woken up that early in months!  But we decided to meet up that early so that we could go check out this mill in Durham during the glorious early morning light.  Glorious and cold.

We had decided on the West Point Mill in Durham because we hardly ever go over to the Durham side and two of us had never been there.  So why not, right?  Kinda like when explorers decide to make it to the North Pole or Mt. Everest; they’ve never been so why not, right?  Rrrriight.  Let’s not kid ourselves. But it is cool that the mill is really old and was in use from 1778 to 1942! That’s reliability right there! And good maintenance!

Anyways, the mill lies along the Eno River, and since it was a few days after the full moon/lunar eclipse, the moon was still in the morning sky.  I think it’s always neat to see the moon during the day. Here it is sneaking a peak over the water and branches:

Full(ish) Moon Over the Eno.

It’s honestly quite boring to shoot landscapes when there’s no activity (or “drama” as they like to say) in the skies. So it was just a few shots and then I headed up to the actual mill.

The Mill By The Frozen Water.

The water by the mill was frozen over! Pretty neat to see that, though I could tell it was really thin so I wasn’t about to try and be Evan Lysacek. It’s fascinating to think that it has sat there for over 200 years! The mill is still “operational” during the summer months and it would be neat to see the water wheel turning when the water flow is stronger.

Water Wheel.

You can cross the bridge and go right up to the building and… mill… about it checking out the various things they have lying around.

Bridge Over Frozen Water

Different Circles.

All in all, it was a good morning and definitely felt good to be up and about doing some photography with some like-minded folks. There are a few more photos on my flickr page (check the link on the right side) and I can’t wait to see Tino and Ranjith’s shots. Tino took some different angles and Ranjith was shooting with his awesome film camera. I shall miss shooting with them…

Anyways Dear Reader, stay tuned because Beth and I plan on doing a year in review through our photos! And by looking at our calendar… I guess that has to happen this weekend. Oh no.



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7 responses to “West Point Mill.

  1. May Wahdan

    My bro and I used to go fishing at West Point with our Snoopy fishing poles and frozen corn as bait when we were little. We were real pros.

  2. May Wahdan

    Beautiful shots by the way– love how they remind me of home 🙂

  3. Hmm I think I like the first 2 photos the best – very interesting historically!

  4. Mom

    Not to be pushy, but it is time to pull together a portfolio and submit it to some magazines! These are great pictures! I think the second one is my favorite!

  5. @May – That is the cutest image ever! Glad you like them and remind you of home.
    @Brittany – This place is actually in Durham (referring to your facebook comment), there’s another mill in Raleigh but I haven’t been to it… yet.
    @Mavi – Yes I know I need to get on it… have you seen the pictures of the church on my flickr page?

  6. Glenn Mar Gelbore

    What did you use in making a border in your photo?thank you.

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