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Happy Father’s Day

Y’all. I know posts of late have been on the sappy side. You can blame the sleep deprivation, hormones or the vicious news cycle, whatever the reason, I need an outlet for some heartwarming, mushyness. I think we all do.

Last summer, after we found out baby # 2 was a boy, I spent a great deal of time pondering what that meant, how that challenged me as a mother and parent. I have always wanted a daughter. I feel confident about raising a girl. I know the sphere of femininity, for all its blessings and challenges well, because (duh) I’ve lived it.

But manhood? Masculinity? That sounds much harder. And very unfamiliar turf. How on earth do I instill kindness and integrity when modern-day manhood is so often toxic and violent? These are broad strokes of course, but the challenge is real.


I still carry these worries, but not without reassurance. Because of this guy.  He is loving, caring and attentive. Patient (mostly;), FUN and tender. He enjoys being with us and we all know it. For these things, and many more, I am grateful. And reassured knowing that both our children have such a wonderful example, not just of fatherhood, but of manhood too.


Raising babies ain’t easy, Somanna. But it sure looks good on you. ❤

sajan and daddy

amaya and daddy walking may 2017





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