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(No) Word Wednesday



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Took A Little Hike.

Off into the bushes we ventured:

With our two friends in tow:

Across fields of flowers:

And on a bridge over water:

Making our way when no path lay:

Climbing stairs that took us up away:

When at least, we reached the top! Hooray! We stopped, sat, and enjoyed the day:

Then down back we went, cutting through the bush:

Finding that path, that will lead us back:

To rejoin with the rest of our crew, so that we could enjoy some brews:

*Disclaimer: The light was horrible when we got to the top, hence why no other photos from the top of Graveyard Fields. A good photographer does not show their bad photos. But a good writer should get their work double checked, but yet I posted this without Beth’s “fine tuning”, so hence the… roughness. I apologize in advance Wyche family 🙂

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(No) Word Wednesday.

Golden Light, originally uploaded by Shaloot.


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