Snowscapes From Virginia.

From Staunton, and the area around Hebron Presbyterian Church to be precise.  We went there over the Christmas break weekend, and we were expecting significant snowfall in the area.  So I was looking forward to shooting some photos of a winter wonderland!  Except we didn’t get any fresh snow (Raleigh did, of course.  We’re not bitter.). Le sigh.  Anyways we did have some leftover snow, so by Monday I decided to try and make some lemonade from some leftover frozen lemons, if you will.

This is the church viewed just off the main road looking up its main driveway.  It was organized in 1748!  1748!

Road to Church.



From the church I decided to check out the cemetery that is across the road.  This is the “newer” cemetery as the church grounds still have some tombstones dating from the 1800s and early 1900s.  I am however not one to take photos of tombstones (it’s a personal thing), so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Rising Light.

This is the view from the cemetery looking back towards the church.

Cemetery View.

This is the farmland next to the cemetery.  Looks like there’s so much snow, no?  Actually, the land across the road on the church side barely had any snow left.  Lemonade from lemons folks, hence this side of the road.

Three Trees.

I guess in hindsight it was good we didn’t get dumped on since we might have been stuck, but please Sir, may I have more next Christmas?

As a parting shot, here is a picture of the church during the summer nights and the farmland on a nice summer evening.

Light coming through...


Thanks for reading! I might have more snowscapes in a few days… here’s hoping 😉



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2 responses to “Snowscapes From Virginia.

  1. I *love* the photos – especially 1 & 3. Excellent frozen lemons/lemonade 🙂

    Hope you guys beat the curse and get some snow this week!

  2. Mom

    Frank and I love these photos, especially 1 and 4 because the church is framed by the trees. Nice! Also, love the pictures 3 and 5 that include the clouds!

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