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The Deed is Done


Sing it from the mountain tops y'all: HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE CORNBREAD!!!!!!!!!!

Sing it from the mountain tops y’all: HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE CORNBREAD!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since we decided to take this crazy plunge and move back to Asheville, it has been one wild (and costly) ride.

I’m trying not to dwell on the money lost. (OMG – nauseating.) But sometimes that’s hard to abide by. It’s also hard to ignore the doubts.

Was this the right decision? Should we have held out? Why did we buy the house to begin with? Etc.

In those delightfully enchanting moments of self-doubt, it requires tremendous discipline to make the voice of calm compassion reassure the voice of hysterics. We made the best decisions we could at the time. Perfect decisions? Maybe not. But they were not poor decisions. And really, who could have predicted a national housing market crash way back in early 2008? Certainly not these two young kids:

Aww..young love.

Aww..young love.

But now it is done. The decision has been made. The deed has been signed and the keys handed over.

I hope the new owners enjoy the home. We did during our time there and for that I’m thankful. We have some great memories, despite the struggles since moving. And I am incredibly, incredibly grateful to our fabulous neighbors who looked out for us from day one.

So you live and you learn. And while that money could have done a lot (A LOT) of other fun things….at the end of the day, it’s just money. And that is no substitute for good health or lots of love. My bank account balance is significantly lower…but my cup runneth over in the other departments.

I’ll take it.


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Day 30: The Dog Days Are Over

First off Dear Reader, a very Merry New Year to you.  I hope the cleansed palate of a fresh year ahead of you invigorates you as much as it does me.

Or at the very least, that you drank entirely too much on December 31st because nothing says au revoir bitches to a dying year like excessive alcohol consumption.

But back to the 411 or the 2-0-1-1!

*groans to self*

2011 is already starting off with a Bangedy, Bang Bang over here at Casa De Peaches y Curry.

We have news, internet friends.



EPIC, even.  Perhaps, maybe? I’m not really sure anymore because that’s what happens when you over analyze every detail to death.

Oh what the hell, let’s just get it out and done with shall we?


Brace yourselves Dear Reader! Because…..

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Day 19: Mobile Mechanic

Folks, if anyone in the Triangle area needs a good, honest, very professional mechanic, then let me tell you about Adam and his services.  In a nutshell, he’s the bomb.  No, make that the bomb-diggity.  The best thing about him, is that he comes to your house!  Yes, you can say goodbye to having to deal with dingy waiting rooms, crappy coffee, internet that doesn’t work, and some service advisor trying to get you to add on a bunch of other “fixes” for your ride.  Plus, not ever knowing or seeing who actually gets up in your car kinda bothers me.

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Day 17: (No) Word Wednesday


Capitol, originally uploaded by Shaloot.

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Day 13: SNOW!!!

Just when you think you have absolutely nothing to blog about, Mother Nature comes along and lends a helping hand.

A helping snowman hand that is!

Ok, so there really wasn’t enough snow to make a snowman, maybe a snow child at best. But still: SNOW!!! IN RALEIGH!!! BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!


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Day 6: Cheap Entertainment

The intraweb is an amazing thing.  So vast.  So much cool stuff.  A great way to communicate to a huge audience or a very niche audience.  A convenient means for transacting business and keeping in touch.  Of course, there’s also a lot of junk too, sure.  Nonetheless, I think we’re all in agreement here that the internets have made life a lot more fun.

And yet, how many times after obsessively responsibly checking my email and facebook for the umpteenth time do I sit here at this computer screen and think:

“The internet is so boring.”

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First signs of “Winter”.

In Norway, my brother and his family are usually greeted by this as their first sign of winter.

So pretty and postcard-esque, no?

Here, in it-still-reaches-mid-80-degrees-at-the-end-of-October Raleigh, my first sign that it’s winter is that I busted out the space heater and our heat whores cats promptly sat their butts rrriight next to it:


To prevent further embarrassment of our household, I will refrain from saying how “cold” it really was.


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