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Hello? Is this thing on?

Lately, I’ve felt like writing. And by lately, I mean the last 2.5 years. But life tends to get in the way. Though not nearly as much as my insecurities. However, one of my goals for 2017 – or life really – is to take more risks. Focus more on the TA DA list and not the to do list. I’m tired of going to bed feeling like I spent the day chasing the mundane and not making room for the meaningful.

So here I am, giving this another whirl. I’ll probably talk a lot about babies and motherhood because that’s my world these days. (And I love it, despite the relentless ass kicking that is parenthood ūüėČ I’m sure some other things will get tossed in as we go. I don’t know. There’s not really a plan. ¬†I just know it feels good to be in this space, so I’ll start there. You are welcome to join me. I hope we inspire each other.





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The Deed is Done


Sing it from the mountain tops y'all: HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE CORNBREAD!!!!!!!!!!

Sing it from the mountain tops y’all: HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE CORNBREAD!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since we decided to take this crazy plunge and move back to Asheville, it has been one wild (and costly) ride.

I’m trying not to dwell on the money lost. (OMG – nauseating.) But sometimes that’s hard to abide by. It’s also hard to ignore the doubts.

Was this the right decision? Should we have held out? Why did we buy the house to begin with? Etc.

In those delightfully enchanting moments of self-doubt, it requires tremendous discipline to make the voice of calm compassion reassure the voice of hysterics. We made the best decisions we could at the time. Perfect decisions? Maybe not. But they were not poor decisions. And really, who could have predicted a national housing market crash way back in early 2008? Certainly not these two young kids:

Aww..young love.

Aww..young love.

But now it is done. The decision has been made. The deed has been signed and the keys handed over.

I hope the new owners enjoy the home. We did during our time there and for that I’m thankful. We have some great memories, despite the struggles since moving. And I am incredibly, incredibly grateful to our fabulous neighbors who looked out for us from day one.

So you live and you learn. And while that money could have done a lot (A LOT) of other fun things….at the end of the day, it’s just money. And that is no substitute for good health or lots of love. My bank account balance is significantly lower…but my cup runneth over in the other departments.

I’ll take it.


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2013: Let’s Do This

I love New Year’s. Love, love, love it. A clean slate. A fresh start. An “insert your clich√© of choice” here.

And really, what’s not to love? Goals AND list making?


You could say I’m a little excited.

In the past, I may have been known to make the usual 10,20,¬†err 30 New Year’s resolutions. Ambitious, much?

I struggle with narrowing my scope. Just ask Somanna when I plan out our weekends.

SOO¬†this year, I am limiting myself to five goals / intentions. “Intentions,” by the way, is really a hippie speak for goals. Ssshhh!! Don’t tell the hippies!

So here are my 2013 Resolutions…in all of their shiny, New Year glory:

1.) Eat locally sourced meat. That is of course, organic, hormone free, free range and all of that other good stuff. We plan to phase into this goal. First, eat all of the meat in our fridge and freezer…replacements must adhere to the new rule. Then after mastering the home front, we move on to eating out. Hmmm….that will be the hard part. Not even going to lie. We could very well end up like this. Should be interesting.

2.) Read Three Classic Pieces of Literature. I feel like my brain is rotting. And this is my feeble attempt to revive it with some life, art and intelligence. Want to hear a sad fact? I’ve never read an Ernest Hemingway book. Or Tolstoy. Or Jane Austen. I’m not sure what this goal says about me. My education failed me? I’m a total dork? I’m reverting back to high school?

3.) Do a race.¬†I know that sounds vague, but I’m currently feeling this one out. Not sure if I want to do another half marathon, a 10K or a mini-tri….as in triathlon. Mini-tri or sprint tri sounds significantly less scary than “TRIATHLON.” (dun, dun, dunnhhh.)

I’m looking into races now, evaluating training plans, time commitments (biggest factor), costs and race timing (i.e. when in the year is the big event.) The point is to really get me back into running. And in shape. Because I, along with half of my closet,¬†miss both of those things.

4.) Blog More.

Cliche? Check.

Trendy? Check.

Annoyingly Redundant? Check.¬† BUT! This is my list and my blog, so I’m afraid I get to exercise unchecked power on this one. You understand of course ūüėČ

5.) Quit living in fear of scarcity by practicing more Gratitude and Joy.

This principle is brought¬†to you courtesy of Brene Brown. For more explanation, you can¬†read this . That’s just a beginning. I highly recommend her books if you want to know more. It’s really good stuff. Very inspiring.

So that’s the plan for 2-0-1-3!

What’s on your resolutions list or do you scoff at New Year’s resolution makers? Happy New Year Y’all!

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Happy New Year! (or…I think we celebrated my birthday long enough)

Seeing as how we survived the 2012 acopocalypse…I thought I’d hop on this here old blog and share my pearls of wisdom.

Or at least put something up so that we all don’t have to stare at my confused birthday face anymore.


Anyways, so it’s 2013. Hoo de hoo. Like most people at this time year, including the Mayan doomsayers, it’s natural to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year ahead. Well – I guess the doomsayers don’t exactly make goals for the future.

2012 – you were interesting. I’m not quite sure how to characterize you quite honestly.

moss in sunlight

Your highs were awesomely high (Incredible, incredible India, new house, Ashevegas, friends having babies, Obama won – Huzzah!, family visits, promotions, ringing in the New Year in New Orleans). Your lows (rental house woes, utterly craptastic work/life balance, dolla dolla bills yall, ailing family members, loved ones dealing strife & stress) were – in the wise words of Lil Jon- gettin low, gettin low.

Regardless, 2012 you taught me some things. Pretty big things actually.

Trees + sky

Like that I shouldn’t quit blogging just because everything isn’t “happy happy” or “funny funny” all the time. That I lose out by not doing the things I enjoy or worrying so much about making every post (or anything else in life) perfect.

Life is messy, complicated, and imperfect. And that’s something to face and embrace. Perfection is not the point, but getting it right is. (And I hope that last one makes sense because it totally makes sense in my head.)

Most importantly though, 2012 taught me that there can be JOY, Hope, Forgiveness and LOVE in spite all of the messiness, the complications, the stress and the many, endless mistakes. Even in the face of unspeakable evil.

So yes, this year was one big conference with Jesus, Oprah, Brene Brown and Anne Lamott.

Church Doors

And I love you 2012. I love you for those lessons. I’m so glad you knocked me upside the head to make it stick. I know I’m a stubborn student.

It’s hereditary.

I salute you 2012. You’ve been a hell of a year.

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With a less than 2 mile commute to work (it’s ok – I hate me too ;)), I often come home for lunch and eat a sandwich in the sunroom while looking out on the backyard jungle of our backyard.

Yea…we’ll get around to that hot mess. Someday.

Anyways, the cats love it when I come home from lunch.

Sunbathing is one of their specialties.

Along with absurd laziness and general tomfoolery.

Then one day I caught him.

I caught him right in the act!

Yes, my cat was making love to………….a pushbroom??

Yes sirree Bob, every day at lunch Marshall bounds into the sunroom and covers his lover is kisses, licks, nuzzles, strokes and sniffs galore.

He is in love.

And he is proud.

This is a face that says “I love who I love and nothing you say will change my mind.”

Or he could also be saying, “Back off bitch-she’s mine.” The interpretation is up to you.

Check out these sweet nuzzles of affection.

At least he picked a broom…the bristles could be mistaken for whiskers I guess.

Plastic bags do it for Freckles. Girlfriend gets all worked up over some grocery bags. I’ll have to catch that on video for you….because here at Peaches & Curry – we cover it all for you, including cat porn.


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The problems of a first world white woman in a multi-cultural relationship…

So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Somanna is Indian. Like In-dee-yaahh with tea and curry and call centers. Not Indian with tepees, tomahawks and sports mascots. Just to use a few racist generalizations ūüėČ

To further state the obvious, we live in America. The United States. North Carolina. Asheville, my beloved little Southern mountain town.

Our day-to-day lives are pretty American. Specifically white, middle class. (Can you tell I minored in sociology? Yay Liberal Arts!) As much as we love Western North Carolina, the fact is – it’s just not a terribly diverse area. Definitely one of the cons.

I grew up on Southern, American food. I cook Southern, American food. I have a Southern accent, we live in my home state and both the activities of our lives and the aesthetics are very much American. Very Western.¬† And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Except that one of us is not Western / American by origin.

So how do I create a home that reflects that? How do other intercultural couples or even just couples with vastly different aesthetics approach decorating their home? That is the question I’m posing to the interwebs tonight.

I desperately want our new home’s decor to showcase both our backgrounds and perhaps highlight Somanna’s background a bit more. If I can’t take the sweet man home but every two years, then damn it I’m going to bring home to him. I want a space that reminds him of touches of home both in India and Zambia (yeah – he grew up in Zambia – it’s wonderfully complicated :))

So how does one do this? I’ve found a few decorating blogs on Indian decor and I’ve searched Amazon for some books. And of course, Pinterest. I need inspiration. Indian Inspiration!

If you’ve got any suggestions: resources, tips, links, blogs, books, pictures, magazines, movies, places to shop, anything – I’m all ears.

Or words.

Whatever.¬† I’ll take it!

Help a sister out y’all!

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How To Look Like a Complete Moron Without Really Trying

(Real names have been changed to protect the innocent.  How I wish I was referring to myself.)

So I recently met a new neighbor.

I bombed it yall.

Here’s how it went down.

As my new neighbor crossed the yard to introduce himself, he extended his hand and said in one breath, ” Hi, I’m Josmith.” No pause, no break. One word.

I, of course, returned his handshake and introduced myself, first name only. This prompts him to ask for my last name. I obliged. And then sincerely asked, “And yours?”

To which he responds, slightly perplexed: “Joe.(Pause).Smith.”


Riiiight. Joe (PAUSE-IDIOT) Smith. Because really, who in the hell names their kid “josmith.”

Later during the course of our pleasantries, he inquired on where we work, etc and I explained that Somanna works with ultra low temperature freezers. This excites Mr. Neighbor as he apparently took not one, but two courses on thermodynamics (one was an elective even!) because he enjoyed the subject so much. Don’t.we.all!

And then he said,”I’m sure your husband has found a lot of parallels between moving and entropy.” (huh, huh – geeky science joke.)

“MmmmHmmm,” I nodded enthusiastically. “Bless his heart.” (It’s the standard Southern reply – works for almost any situation. Except for maybe this one.)

My neighbor eyed me, cocks his head to the side and said,

“Do you know what entropy means?”

You have two choices in moments like these. Lie your ass off or own it with all the awkwardness of Liz Lemon. Feeling an unspoken bond of dark hair, thick brows and awkward humor with Tina Fey, I opted for the later.

Me, stammering: “No…I uh, no I don’t know what that means.”

This admission was followed by INCESSANT grinning, foot shifting and possible hair twirling.

I just got CALLED OUT YO! In my face!

And then I got schooled as Mr. Neighbor-Man-With-Two-Names explained entropy with an analogy involving dust bunnies. Because clearly he thought that since I don’t do “science speak” perhaps reaching me through the feminine realm of domestic chores would be more my speed.

At this point, I had one single shred of dignity left.

Which I successfully annihilated by shoving my ringing cell phone, complete with this cheesy photo of Somanna in Mr.Joe – PAUSE-Smith’s face squealing “This is my husband, see?!!”


Yes, because I’m sure Mr. Neighbor man would have confused him with all of the other 6’3 Indian men on our street.

Why stop at third, when home plate is so close?

Grand Slam yall. Grand &*$%ing slam.

*Drops mic and walks offstage…….


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