Monthly Archives: February 2017

Hello? Is this thing on?

Lately, I’ve felt like writing. And by lately, I mean the last 2.5 years. But life tends to get in the way. Though not nearly as much as my insecurities. However, one of my goals for 2017 – or life really – is to take more risks. Focus more on the TA DA list and not the to do list. I’m tired of going to bed feeling like I spent the day chasing the mundane and not making room for the meaningful.

So here I am, giving this another whirl. I’ll probably talk a lot about babies and motherhood because that’s my world these days. (And I love it, despite the relentless ass kicking that is parenthood 😉 I’m sure some other things will get tossed in as we go. I don’t know. There’s not really a plan.  I just know it feels good to be in this space, so I’ll start there. You are welcome to join me. I hope we inspire each other.






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