Happy New Year! (or…I think we celebrated my birthday long enough)

Seeing as how we survived the 2012 acopocalypse…I thought I’d hop on this here old blog and share my pearls of wisdom.

Or at least put something up so that we all don’t have to stare at my confused birthday face anymore.


Anyways, so it’s 2013. Hoo de hoo. Like most people at this time year, including the Mayan doomsayers, it’s natural to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year ahead. Well – I guess the doomsayers don’t exactly make goals for the future.

2012 – you were interesting. I’m not quite sure how to characterize you quite honestly.

moss in sunlight

Your highs were awesomely high (Incredible, incredible India, new house, Ashevegas, friends having babies, Obama won – Huzzah!, family visits, promotions, ringing in the New Year in New Orleans). Your lows (rental house woes, utterly craptastic work/life balance, dolla dolla bills yall, ailing family members, loved ones dealing strife & stress) were – in the wise words of Lil Jon- gettin low, gettin low.

Regardless, 2012 you taught me some things. Pretty big things actually.

Trees + sky

Like that I shouldn’t quit blogging just because everything isn’t “happy happy” or “funny funny” all the time. That I lose out by not doing the things I enjoy or worrying so much about making every post (or anything else in life) perfect.

Life is messy, complicated, and imperfect. And that’s something to face and embrace. Perfection is not the point, but getting it right is. (And I hope that last one makes sense because it totally makes sense in my head.)

Most importantly though, 2012 taught me that there can be JOY, Hope, Forgiveness and LOVE in spite all of the messiness, the complications, the stress and the many, endless mistakes. Even in the face of unspeakable evil.

So yes, this year was one big conference with Jesus, Oprah, Brene Brown and Anne Lamott.

Church Doors

And I love you 2012. I love you for those lessons. I’m so glad you knocked me upside the head to make it stick. I know I’m a stubborn student.

It’s hereditary.

I salute you 2012. You’ve been a hell of a year.


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