The problems of a first world white woman in a multi-cultural relationship…

So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Somanna is Indian. Like In-dee-yaahh with tea and curry and call centers. Not Indian with tepees, tomahawks and sports mascots. Just to use a few racist generalizations 😉

To further state the obvious, we live in America. The United States. North Carolina. Asheville, my beloved little Southern mountain town.

Our day-to-day lives are pretty American. Specifically white, middle class. (Can you tell I minored in sociology? Yay Liberal Arts!) As much as we love Western North Carolina, the fact is – it’s just not a terribly diverse area. Definitely one of the cons.

I grew up on Southern, American food. I cook Southern, American food. I have a Southern accent, we live in my home state and both the activities of our lives and the aesthetics are very much American. Very Western.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Except that one of us is not Western / American by origin.

So how do I create a home that reflects that? How do other intercultural couples or even just couples with vastly different aesthetics approach decorating their home? That is the question I’m posing to the interwebs tonight.

I desperately want our new home’s decor to showcase both our backgrounds and perhaps highlight Somanna’s background a bit more. If I can’t take the sweet man home but every two years, then damn it I’m going to bring home to him. I want a space that reminds him of touches of home both in India and Zambia (yeah – he grew up in Zambia – it’s wonderfully complicated :))

So how does one do this? I’ve found a few decorating blogs on Indian decor and I’ve searched Amazon for some books. And of course, Pinterest. I need inspiration. Indian Inspiration!

If you’ve got any suggestions: resources, tips, links, blogs, books, pictures, magazines, movies, places to shop, anything – I’m all ears.

Or words.

Whatever.  I’ll take it!

Help a sister out y’all!


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One response to “The problems of a first world white woman in a multi-cultural relationship…

  1. Easy – make more trips to India and fill up the suitcase. That’s what the wifey here did.

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