My Precious

I have succumbed.

And it is everything I hoped for. We are so smitten with our new little toy, you’d think I gave birth to it.

Clearly, Siri is a woman and every woman deserves a little bling in her life.

So sparkly silver case it was. Somanna restrained me from impulsively purchasing the sparkly hot pink case in my iPhone euphoria. A wise decision, given that my last slumber party easily occurred over two decades ago.

This phone is AMAZING. I feel like we left the dark ages and my, my the future is so bright once you have electricity. I could go on and on about all the cool things it does ( WHO KNEW!?! – wait, everyone knew…but us), but I will simply let you marvel in its beauty.

Isn’t she lovely? Thank you Siri. Thank you for reminding me that technology, with all its flaws, can actually be incredibly useful and make things easier.

Sigh, we’re in love 🙂


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