Some real gems

Somanna has had some good ones here lately.

Exhibit A:  In the throes of debating THE BIG HOUSE decision and fretting over every possible scenario that could ever happen to us (the economy, layoffs,aging parents, bankruptcy, pregnancy, the election, cancer, bodily dismemberment, alien abductions, your normal worries…) Somanna attempted to comfort me with this nugget of wisdom:

“Don’t worry. Just remember God’s quote…you know, the one, uh.. how does it go?”

Me: “You mean verse?”

Somanna: “Yes! That’s it, God’s verse!”

Me: “Maybe we should go to church more often…”

Exhibit B:

Me: “I mean this house is awesome, I can see us here for 10 years!”

Somanna: “Really? 10 years?!?? I can’t see anything for that long!”


Somanna: “Except for you know, being married to you. I mean, that’s like FOR-EVER! youknowwhati’msaying?!”



You just can’t script these things yall.


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