The third time’s the charm…or is it?

I should be cleaning the bathroom now, but instead I decided to “be productive” by blogging.


So, when you last left your heroine (moi), she and her leading man were in the throes of craziness, biting their nails as they anxiously awaited word if their offer was accepted on a foreclosure property.

Let me save you some suspense: our low ball offer was….rejected.

Cue the sad trombone. 😦

Somanna and I talked more, mostly because we are exceptionally gifted at over analyzing things, and determined that we still wanted a shot at this sucker that keeps us up at night with all of its exciting possibilities and all of its scary commitments.

So, on Tuesday morning, after submitting our initial offer on Friday followed by rejection on Monday, we made a second, more competitive offer. (Translation: a less insulting offer. But hey, you gotta try right?) The bank did not immediately reject our offer like before and just when we began to think that it might work out, we got the news Tuesday afternoon.

We were in a multiple offer situation.  Fiddlesticks!

Yup, we had wasted our time as the early birds on the scene with our low ball offer and now the other vultures buyers had circled in, trying to steal my dream of domestic bliss. Now it was do or die. Well perhaps death is a tish dramatic. But it was time to put in our “final and best” offer, say our prayers and cross every pair of fingers and toes that we could.

In case you are a robot and are devoid of all empathy, let me tell you that this part of the process is nerve-wracking. Utterly nerve-wracking! So after even more discussion, (because let’s face it, we don’t just over analyze decisions to death – we beat them beyond recognition…. and then some, just for good measure,) we finally settled on an offer.

An offer we felt was more competitive, but not excessive. Something we could feel comfortable with if it worked out and more importantly, could feel comfortable with if it didn’t. And for the third straight time in five days, we signed and initialed lots of papers. Again. Seriously, if we get this house – we’re going to have to plant a tree (or two) to make up for all the paper we generated this past week. Economy – point, Environment – 0.

We submitted our third offer on Wednesday.

And on Thursday, I got the call. Our offer was accepted. HOLY SCHEISSE!

Cue the happy parade!!

We were one of two offers, although we have since learned that two more offers came in just after the multiple party deadline ended. We did not expect to get it, so we’re a bit in shock.

Before you congratulate us just yet, we’re not out of the woods entirely. Next week, Tuesday specifically, we have inspections. That may give us the green light to proceed or it may turn up some things and we walk away.

But for now – for now- it’s ours for the taking.


Stay tuned! 🙂



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4 responses to “The third time’s the charm…or is it?

  1. Mom

    Love the photos! Looks very promising indeed! The space is wonderful! Have fun with your sister! Love to all of you!

  2. May Wahdan

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I wanna see pics!!

  3. Holy exciting!!!!! I love good news! We’ll be thinking good house thoughts for y’all! I think this comment could use a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

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