Self Induced Craziness

I know, we’ve been too quiet lately. That’s mostly because we’re really boring, but I like to think you harbor the illusion that our lives are so exciting and glamorous that we just can’t be bothered to blog.


This week, however, has been interesting. And emotional.

And here’s why. We have fallen in lurrvvv.  Oh, cue the Celine!!

There really are whispers in the morning…and long, heartfelt chats late at night.

We have a touch of house fever.

Were we looking?

Nope, not really. I mean I peruse listings online the way I peruse 597 million other things online. I just don’t effing pin them. Sorry, but I have a love/hate affair with Pintrest. But that’s a whole other post. Mostly, it makes me want to vomit. And yet I go back. What is wrong with me??

Anyhoos, some friends who live in a neighborhood that I’ve had a major crush on for about three years before we even moved back here, sent us a foreclosure listing and well….that prompted a drive by. And THAT prompted a look inside. Which prompted a second look through and FOUR DAYS later, we’ve put in an offer.


Yea I know, four days. It’s f*cking ridiculous. Sorry for the language yall. But these matters warrant a little sailor speak.

Now before you begin saying your Hail Mary’s for our financial solvency, lemme ‘splain sum tings to ju.

First and foremost, while yes, we have submitted an offer, we are not committed. There are still several (SEVERAL!) points in the process ahead where we can walk away, with no losses, no obligations. Hell, no explanation really.  You can just say “Peace Out Fool” and be done with it.

Personally, I would love to put that in writing.

When we moved back to Asheville back in early 2011, we quickly stuffed ourselves and all our precious belongings into a cheap, tiny two bedroom apartment.  It’s a little cramped.

To say the least,

(Side note: Don’t get all excited , I’m not preggo. I use this hand me down chair for when folks with kids visit and plan to use it for when we do have kids. It’s really a great little chair!)

I mean, maybe in the big city parts, y’all put your bikes and toolboxes in the kitchen. As for me…

…I’m not a fan.

But we’ve been suffering and whining maturely dealing with our cramped-ness as best we can. (Midol helps. Ba-doom-chissshhh!)  We’re trying to take full advantage of our humble abode’s low costs and squirrel away some real loot / pay off some things (Student loans, you are the last man standing and you’re going down.) We’ve really accomplished a lot on the financial front and I’m very proud of that, but it always seems like there is so far to go, doesn’t it?

Which brings us back to the house dilemma. It is a great deal. A great, fantastic effing deal. The house is dirty – ok, let’s keep it real, it’s filthy. And fairly beat up. The yard is a jungle and the inside is in need of some fairly serious updating (hello 1968 wall oven!), but it has good bones and a whole host of other things that would be on our criteria list. And did I mention it was cheap? Because it is. Like hella cheap – well as far as houses go. Asheville’s a tough market, so to find all of this, literally under one roof, is pretty rare.

So we’ve thrown our proverbial hat in the ring with an offer. Now we wait to see if the bank accepts that offer. Until the bank has finally chosen the lucky buyer and entered into contract with them, others can toss their hats offers in the ring as well.  Then you’re in a multiple offer situation and everyone gets one shot to submit their “final and best” offer. Problem is, you don’t know if the other party(ies) offered higher or lower than you, you only know that there was another offer.

Where does that leave us? Well, we don’t know exactly. We’ll probably know by Monday or Tuesday if our offer was accepted, countered by the bank or if we’re in a multiple offer situation.  We’ve already decided what we’re willing to pay for the house. If the price is right we just might go for it – although it’s still incredibly scary to take the housing plunge again. Then again, the inspections could reveal some major structural problems and then we would walk away, no questions, no harm done.

Now, *IF* the bank accepts our low ball offer – remember, it’s a foreclosure and they want to unload these things asap -well then we have some major soul-searching to do to determine if we’re really ready for that sort of time and financial commitment all over again.

My mantra is that God is in control, things will work out how they are meant to be and I need to trust in that. That’s actually pretty helpful……for about 30 seconds. Who said faith wasn’t a disciplined practice?

On the other hand, we’ve totally decided that if we walk away from this house, for whatever reason (we decide we’re not ready emotionally / want to focus on other financial goals, we’re outbid or the house has major issues), then I am heading straight to the Verizon store and buying a stupid smart phone as a consolation prize.

Oh the irony….



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12 responses to “Self Induced Craziness

  1. bewyche

    A) WHY did you put penguins at the end? B) I LOVE that you put penguins at the end! C) I like that they called them “blackfooted penguins” because those are the penguins I saw in South Africa, and they are actually called Jackass Penguins. I love them. Tho I do feel concerned that they only have a bathtub to swim in – how much would that suck when you’re used to swimming 15 miles per hour and diving 14 feet?? D) That’s kinda like y’all living in the cramped apt after the house. Maybe that’s the connection? E) I’m excited about the house potential!!! F) I’m sorry I talked more about penguins than your actual life.

  2. Wow… and wow. And what is all that about the penguins? Well, fingers crossed for… I’m not sure… but I hope that it works out for you. hxx

  3. Mom

    For,I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
    Love you! Mom

  4. Um….whoa! Is this in the Ansari ‘hood? This is major! Hope that things work out the way you guys want them to. Sending love and good house vibes!

    • I know – so crazy! And yes it is in the Ansari hood. Insanity!

      • Well, that would make things mighty convenient for us… making the rounds to visit our most favorite Asheville peeps! I know you’re ready to get out of that apt. – I feel you, girl. Life in a cramped space gets old fast! We’re on our way out as well… good things are on the horizon for us all!

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