It’s a good thing.

I miss my mother in law’s veranda.

Specifically, the view.

I call my mother in law “Mavi.” That’s not her name. Mavi actually means “mother in law.” I call my father in law “Mava.” In Coorg (the region of India Somanna is from), it is common custom to refer to others based on your relationship, i.e. you call someone “older brother,” “younger sister,” “mother in law,” etc rather than by their first name. I adore this custom, mostly as someone who likes to orient herself by familial and social connections, but especially as a daughter in law.

It’s sometimes a rather awkward thing to determine how you should address your spouse’s parents and this genius system alleviates this and yet captures the unique relationship simultaneously. Also, I like the symmetry between  Mavi and Mava and that Mavi phonetically resembles “mommy,” while not duplicating it. Afterall, I have a mommy, but mavi provides a special name for my mother in law. And just plain sounds sweet. Or maybe that’s because my Mavi is sweet. Either way I adore it.Somanna even calls my mother Mavi too, because it’s just so darn cute and functional. And my mama eats it up with a spoon yall.

Addressing each other using names to denote your relationship is also a really efficient way of communicating. Think about it, you’re at a party, someone walks in the room, you hear them addressed as “older brother” by so and so. Suddenly you’ve just established the relationship. And in a society still deeply rooted in familial orientations, this is critical information. I suspect this is common practice throughout India, but don’t hold me to it. I’m no expert here. Just a wayward blogger.

So anyways, Mavi doesn’t just have a green thumb, homegirl has a green arm. Check out some of her roses.

Here are some other pretties, all within the veranda’s viewing distance. I don’t know all of their names. I’ve always admired Mother Nature, but we haven’t been intimately acquainted for some time thanks to cube life. And also, a less than stellar performance in freshmen biology.

First up, we have the trellis. Sometimes there are cute little boys playing under here if you’re lucky.

I love these little flowers. They look like little mouths up close. In my head, they are singing “Feed Me Seymore” from Little Shop of Horrors. “Did she just reference Rick Moranis?” you may ask yourself dear reader.

Oh yes, yes I did dear reader. There is no shame in loving musicals.

Anyways, these little buds are kind of kooky, but charming. (I think I relate.)

It’s funny how flowers have faces. Like these two, do they not remind you of the Statler and Waldorf (the old dudes) from the Muppet Show?

Take this one. I see a dog panting with his tongue out or someone laughing really hard.

This is a bird of paradise. No really, that’s the name of the plant! (har har – totally lame I know, but I’m rusty with this blogging business!)

Here are some other shots from around the house.

The veranda also leads out to the courtyard, which is prime playing space for boys big and small.

I wasn’t the only fan of the veranda. Even the littlest dude thought it was the best place to chillax.

Especially when he had his Thatha and Avva’s attention.

Melts the heart doesn’t it?

Yes, the veranda is a very good thing indeed.

p.s. If you know how to do fancy things like, put photos in a row or make a grid of photos, feel free to leave me (gentle) tips on the comments section. I hope your scrolling finger and wrist can forgive me for any carpal tunnel this post may have caused. And sorry for the lack of blogging yall. We’ll try to do better. Our plan to win the mega millions and blog about how disgustingly rich we are didn’t work out this time. But in the eternally hopeful spirit of Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber, there’s still a chance!


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One response to “It’s a good thing.

  1. Hey Beth,
    :Lovely post. You do have a sweet mavi! And it’s pretty cool that Sharath calls your mum that too;)

    You planning to go back sometime in the near future?

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