Sweet dreams are made of this?

I know everyone thinks they have crazy, weird dreams. But I’m betting my dreams can easily out-weird yours.

Take last nights’ dreams. I don’t know if it was the spicy dinner, the time change or what, but I had some particularly strange dreams.

Don’t ask me how these things connected, but I dreamed the following:

Somanna and I were driving at night in India in an open jeep….when suddenly I felt a cobra on my leg…and realized that the “thicket” of forests we were driving through wasn’t actually made of vines, but cobras.

Then I ran into Madonna in the lobby of a movie theater and told her that she has had too much work done on her face. I also asked her if she could perform “Just like a Prayer” and suddenly I was in the middle of a music video, dancing with Madonna.

Later, Somanna and I were in the grocery store and I really wanted some Captain Crunch. Until I realized that cereals prices had gone up to $9 a box. Outraged, I refused , refused I tell you!, to pay such exorbitant prices and gave Somanna firm lecture on why $9 for a box of cereal was outlandish.

Damn, you know you’re cheap when you even dream about being cheap.

I’m slowly becoming more and more Indian.


p.s. I did buy Captain Crunch today. It was only $2.50 / box. It was on sale 😉


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One response to “Sweet dreams are made of this?

  1. Hilarious….you really got into Indian culture huh?! I absolutely love this one by Russell Peters. We were just in Hong Kong, he’s really got the Chinese accent down! It’s different from the mainland one though…

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