I am blogging from India…


It’s a pretty sweet view from the office in Somanna’s padres’ casa. I’m currently staring at a sun filled, blue sky framed by palm trees, coffee trees and some of my mother in law’s gorgeous roses. Not to mention there are some super adorable nephews running around being all boy like on the patio and a sweet baby who loves snuggles and kisses more than me, which is saying something.

Did I mention the temperature is a lovely 75-80 degrees?

It’s ok to be jealous. I’m a little jealous of me right now too.

We meant to get a blog post up (or two) before the holidays. But work insanity + holiday shopping + India madness kind of took over our lives. So we’ll see yall in the New Year with what’s hopefully to be our best blogging year yet!

Happy New Year from Incredible India!!!



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2 responses to “I am blogging from India…

  1. To me, the house / estate you are at is the most beautiful place in India! Say hi to the family for me.Look forward to your posts in 2012. Happy New Year!

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