Introducing: Vegetarian Tuesdays….and Fridays.

A few weeks back, while perusing a Rachel Ray cooking magazine, I noticed an article titled “Eating Around the World in Seven Days.” Friends, that is my idea of a good time. Travels and Eats 🙂

Every dinner featured snapshot meals of international cuisines and the corresponding text served little tidbits of information about traditional flavors and/or culinary customs. Tuesday’s suggested entrée was this chickpeas and spinach recipe, served along with some Naan (Indian flatbread). The article noted that it is common custom in Indian households to serve vegetarian meals on Tuesdays, as it is a holy day.

This tidbit of information caused a slightly neurotic, but nonetheless sincere existential crisis. I frantically clambored downstairs to Somanna, accosted his Xbox activities and proceeded to belligerently wave my magazine in front of his face, while dramatically exclaiming that I will not be held responsible for his afterlife, so help me Baby Jesus, when he never told me in the first place that Tuesdays were holy days. My entire defense rested on the (semi) logical principle of innocent ignorance and a lack of marital communication due to our internalized expectations of gender roles and shared household duties.

Ok, so I didn’t really do all of those dramatic gestures. But that’s a far more entertaining image than the two of us in bed at 10 pm on a Wednesday night and me saying “Um, did you know you’re supposed to eat vegetarian on Tuesdays because it’s a holy day?”

Followed by Somanna gripping monotone reply: “Yeah. Fridays too.”

And scene.

So in an effort to connect a bit more to Somanna’s peoples and instill a little more Muthanna tradition up in this piece,  I’ve decided to make Tuesdays and Fridays all veg. And I say “I” because I do the cooking around these parts, so it’s my efforts. (Somanna makes a wonderful dishwasher-er, so there’s harmony in my feminist kitchen.)

So far I’m taking this transition in baby steps.

The past three Tuesdays, dinner has (successfully) featured a vegetarian entrée. I cooked the following meals, rather tasty if I say so myself:

Pasta with veggies and some creamy Cajun sauce very loosely based on this recipe. I tinker with it to make it what I like and use whatever veggies I am in the mood for / have on hand. (Broccoli, squash, mushrooms, etc.) I will also confess here that I goofed and used chicken broth. Uh, my bad yall.

Sweet potato, black bean and kale burritos – I know, it sounds a bit questionable – At least it did to me initially. But I tried this at a friend’s house and have been in love ever since. It’s quite delicious and super healthy.

And tonight, vegetarian enchiladas with spinach, kale (still leftover), black beans and corn. (This is another very malleable recipe that you can adapt and make your own.) Oh, bonus points for me. I rememberd to use the vegetable broth this time. Whoop, whoop!

Next week I hope to finally make an Indian dish. Err, that is kind of one the main reasons I wanted to incorporate this tradition.  I’ll have to improve on my meal planning though. The past few weeks have been more meals based around what I have on hand. And maybe then I can actually be a good blogger and take some pictures for you.

Also, we’ve got to improve on Fridays.  We tend to go out to eat to celebrate another successful five days of economic slavery work and forget our new-to-me-but-you’d-think-Somanna-would-remember tradition. Oopsie. Also, I gotta work on packing the pb&j for my sandwiches at work.

I’m pretty sure my ham sandwich isn’t winning me in any points with any religion.

So that’s what’s cooking with us. What’s cooking with you?



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9 responses to “Introducing: Vegetarian Tuesdays….and Fridays.

  1. Great Post Beth. I didn’t know about the Tuesdays and Fridays….great initiative. Can’t wait to read about what Indian food you’re planning. Love your cook book shelf by the way!

    • They say you can’t have too many books… but at times it’s a bit much. But you never know when you want to look something up! It’s a better feel than looking it up online, you know?

  2. Hahaha – “I’m pretty sure my ham sandwich isn’t earning me any points in any religion”. My favorite line. I actually ate vegetarian yesterday! Ok, just for breakfast & dinner, but that still feels very different to me. I can’t wait to try the kale/sweet potato burritos!

  3. I so wish the first scenario was real. Bedtime conversation is so much more boring.
    I’m actually blogging about cooking lately, and we’re always veg (and focus on easy recipes!). I’m happy to email you any recipes you’re curious about.

  4. Yeah – we used to hightail it out of the house on tuesdays and fridays so we could partake in some non veg dishes. I mean, even now, it’s still veggie at Kolagundy, but Vijumama does not partake in the festivities. I remember as a kid, anyone that could get out of the house on those days would try, as then the rules no longer applies.

    And your loving hubby was not exactly a fan of veggie food…

    • I just remember Avva’s little cup of milk and banana after her pooja… yum. Tell you what though, we cannot wait to tear into that veg restaurant in Mysore Ma and Pop took Beth and I to on the way back from Coorg when we were leaving… so good!

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