Our mothers must be so proud…

First, thanks yall for the sweet anniversary wishes. This ride wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we didn’t have such fabulous peeps to surround us. Sorry we didn’t reply sooner, but our internet service provider (cough, CHARTER, cough) SUCKS. So crappy internet service, plus general busy-ness results in little time for blogging.

Which is ironic, because despite our pitiful blogging habit, we have managed to win a pity legitimate award!! Woo to the Hoo!!

Oooh…it’s so pretty and official looking. I canz touch itz?

Natasha, a childhood friend of Somanna’s, was kind enough to bestow us THE VERSATILE BLOGGER award. (The all caps makes for a booming-world-domination-male-voice sound effect by the way. Very legit technique.)

It’s a “pay it forward award” and we’re really flattered she thought of us, especially since she tackles blogging along with raising twins, and getting her yoga on, all while living in China. You can find her blog link here. She writes about real stuff, thoughtfully and intelligently….ahem, regularly. Meanwhile, we’re total blogger slackers who yap on about spider killing, Oreos and sweaty dudes at the gym.

I mean really, the commonalities are endless.

Still we were super flattered and excited when she told us we won. (We won, we won!).

However, the award comes with a few rules beyond general bragging rights. Although, obviously that’s the best part. The “award rules” state: Thank and link the blogger who awarded it to you.


(see the all caps effect works doesn’t it?)

Ok, check.

And state 7 random things about yourself. Award it to 15 newly discovered blogs you enjoy. And let them know.

Oy. That sounds like work.

Well, we’ll tackle the 7 random things about myself first because that sounds like fun and I’m immature and narcissistic like that. So here is some more useless fluff to add to your brains. I apologize in advance. Or should I say, you’re welcome? You decide dear reader, you decide.

1.) I used to have a pet rabbit. It pooped a lot. And always tried to bite my finger. All in all, it didn’t really make a good pet. And this doesn’t really make a good random factoid. So we’re moving on.

2.) I won the Geography bowl in 3rd and 4th grade, but sadly lost in 5th grade. I didn’t even make it past the semi-finals.Oh the shame! Que horror!

And yes, of course I remember the question that disqualified me. It was “Which continent doesn’t have any people living on it?” I was *totally* picturing Antarctica and then said “Australia.” Gaahhh!

It will haunt me forever.

3.) I recently fell in love with kale? I also tried turnip greens and liked them?? Wow your parents really are right when the say your taste buds change over time. My tongue is having an adolescent rebellion because I do not even recognize these taste buds anymore.

4.) I’ve been going to Bikram yoga for a couple of months now. I usually manage 1, maybe 2 sessions per week. (It’s a big chunk of time.) I really like it. Who’d a thunk?

5.) When Somanna and I started dating, he was the cheap skate and I was the spendster. Now he’s frugal and I’m the cheap skate. We’re both still a bit puzzled how that happened.

6.) My first kiss was so terrible, that I swore off kissing forever. And by forever, I mean about 2 years, so that’s a pretty strong indication of how awful it was.

7.) I just got into Modern Family. I KNOW. Where have I been?!!

Now, I’m supposed to nominate 15 newly discovered blogs I enjoy. And let them know.

Uh, fifteen blogs is a lot. And this whole letting them know business is a tish scary.  I don’t know that I even read 15 blogs. So I’m going rogue and listing those blogs that I think this award fits because they are either versatile in their content or their niche.

First up, Sister Dearest. So I’m a biased (a-duh) but I think her book reviews put Oprah’s book club to shame. To shame! Plus, I generally like keeping up with her. She is family after all 😉

Speaking of family, Somanna’s big bro across the pond doesn’t get much time to blog these days (three super cute kiddos will keep ya hopping!) but when he does, it’s a lot of yummy eye candy. Me thinks photo skillz run in the family.

Next are our good pals Hungry Times Two. A tag team couple both in the kitchen and at the table, I love following my foodie friends’ adventures in culinary delights. Having a blog with a specific niche makes it tough to come up with fresh content, but they manage to do just that.

My blogging pal Heather over at Life in a Nutshell is pretty darn versatile. I don’t know what I’m more jealous of: her travels or her hair. On second thought, I think I’m most jealous of her razor-sharp wit. She’s debating leaving blogging (which I totally understand, btw). We’re hoping she’ll stick around. But even if she doesn’t, I’ve certainly enjoyed traveling vicariously through her.

And hopefully her last post will involve detailed instructions on her hair care routine.

Am I allowed to give it back to Natasha? Good, because I just did. Keep doing what you’re doing honey!

The next few blogs are ones that I cyberstalk with a regularity I care not to admit.These bloggers don’t know me. I am the shy, dorky girl twiddling her thumbs mumbling something about wanting to dance while staring at the floor.

It’s very awkward. Feel free to stop reading now.

Anyways, Manhattan Nest chronicles the adventures of Daniel in decorating, all things thrifty and  DIY in his itty bitty New York apartment. Friends, my boy is funny and he is resourceful. Two traits near and dear to my own little heart. If he were having a contest for a female best friend, I’d be on that like white on rice. And then cry dramatically after he chooses someone cooler (and closer) than me. Anyways, my gay crush lives on thanks to his blog.

Sometimes I want to write something eloquent and meaningful. It usually ends up a sappy, hot mess that even Hallmark wouldn’t touch. Nina however has beautiful way with words. I’ve never said hello (Hello!) on her blog before. So I’m just going to out my fanship right here, right now. I really enjoy your blog!

Big Mama  is a big part of my day.  It feels like a conversation with an old friend about nothing in particular. Just my style.

And then there’s YHL. Oh yes, it’s on a first name – acronym basis. YHL (or Young House Love for those of you who live real lives beyond your computer screen) is the blog child of Sherry & John and follows all of their adventures in home decor and DIY.

Y’all they are famous!  I may  or may not obsess over them in a way that a psychiatrist would deem “healthy” or “appropriate”  or “legally permissible.” But restraining orders rules are made for breaking.

Uh yeah, I refer to them on a first name basis. As in “my friends who live in Richmond did such and such to their house.” Or I’ll come home from work and tell Somanna  (not that I read their blog at work. I would NEVER!) “So John & Sherry are remodeling their kitchen and get this, they got a killer deal on their appliances this weekend!”

This is usually followed by raised eyebrows and Somanna muttering something about how I need to get a life and make “real” friends. Psshaww. I dreamt about them once (cough,twice) so that makes them real, right? Right?!

Totally normal.

So, yeah. On that awkward note, plus the fact that it’s past 10:30 on a school night I’m going to bring this awkward post to a close.

Thanks again to Natasha for the sweet award! Stick around yall, there’s more blogging coming at ya.

Because a picture this dorky, clearly indicates a story (of intrigue! of hilarity! or of just general lack of coordination…) behind it.

Either way, you don’t want to miss it.

Psstt- Hungry for more blogs? Check out our blogroll on the sidebar. We’ve got lots more friends and well meaning cyber-strangers who choose to bare their lives on the internet.  Besides we know if you’re on our site, you must be bored, so check them out! 😉



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4 responses to “Our mothers must be so proud…

  1. Erin @ Hungry Times Two

    Hurray – well-deserved, my dear bloggin’ friend. Just in time for your birthday! Hope you find a wonderful way to celebrate tomorrow – woot woot.
    And thanks for the shout out!

  2. Yay congrats! And thanks for the vote 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying Bikram so much!!!! And love the picture 🙂

  3. Thanks yall, now it’s your turn!!

  4. Hey guys, I just saw this post!
    I love your blog, and thanks for the sweet words.
    Had no idea you did yoga regularly!
    Will be checking out some of your nominations.
    Yeah, I had a hard time nominating my fifteen – i hardly read so many blogs regularly and then when I was done, there were more I wanted to add to the list!

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