What a year it has been!

Last year this time, we were in a very different place.

Exactly one month and one day after The Great Layoff, we celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary low-key style in our house in Raleigh.

A beautiful, simple bunch of flowers (for her) and a simple tea kettle (for him – it was a very Manly tea kettle.) That, plus some super heartfelt cards and a tasty dinner at home was it.

I’ll be honest. It was a bit of a let down after the previous year’s trip to the Outer Banks.

This past year we survived a job loss, a job hunt, a laughably strapped budget, a move (back) to Asheville, a temporary long distance couple stint, followed by another job hunt (for me), prepping the house for sale, a second job change, a bigger move to Asheville, commuting between Raleigh and Asheville for 10 weekends straight, moving apartments ~twice~ in one month in Asheville and finally renting our house out in Raleigh.

All this, on top of normal life and some other miscellaneous drama.

So here we are another year wiser, in Asheville with new jobs cramped in a new apartment and figuring things out one step at a time.

All that to say, we’ve never been happier.

And never more in love.

I think we’re gonna make it.

Happy Anniversary to my Sweet, Sweet Somanna.



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6 responses to “What a year it has been!

  1. Chandni Vashee

    awwwww, that was sooooo sweet! Happy Anniversary to you both, and all the best for the coming years!

  2. Happy anniversary you guys. loved your post…very touching.

  3. Mom

    Beautiful! You are a great team!

  4. Awesome. Happy anniversary to you both!!!

  5. Salewa

    tear.. for sure.. blessed to know you too.. and definitely.. know you will make it through every moment.. Love yall and your support for each other. God bless!

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