Sometimes I am a lazy cook…

First off, let me put on Somanna’s my old man grumpy pants and mention that I just signed on Pandora and it is totally different. This, on the same week that the Book O’Face changed it’s layout (a-gain). I am too old for this much technological change yall. If WordPress starts tinkering with their features, I might start twitching and hissing like the cats.

It’s always great to start a blog post with a tangent isn’t it? Solid writing here folks. You are welcome.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, I am a lazy cook. Who’s surprised?.

Especially Monday through Friday. Once upon a time, I had my act together enough to pre-make a few meals on Sunday’s. However, like most projects I start, I have successfully managed to fall off the bandwagon.

Again, who’s surprised?

Oh well, for those super lazy nights where cereal just won’t cut it (keepin it real yall!) because the belly craves something warm, I turn to this fabulous little dump and pour meal.

Here is why I love it.

1.) It is warm and tasty.

2.) It is cheap!!

3.) It just doesn’t get any easier. Well, except for cereal.

4.) It’s tas-tay! (And proves that I suffer from acute Mexicanfooditis.)

5.) It is muy economical.

First up, assemble your cast of characters as famous Pioneer Woman likes to say.

Three ingredients? I think we can handle that.

“Wait! You forget me!!” said Mr. Cross-eyed can opener. Why yes, Mr.Can-Opener you are an important member of this ensemble.

Mr. Can-Opener: “No, wait, which camera are we looking at? GAHH! I think I blinked!”

Sorry Mr. Can-Opener, no photo do overs. We need to get this show in the road and I need you to open up this lovely can of Rotel tomatoes.

If you don’t have Rotel tomatoes in your neck of the woods, well, I’m sorry because by golly they are convenient. They come in varying degrees of heat / spice levels, so fear not spice wimps!

Of course, if you want to upstage me completely and make your own, you could just stew some tomatoes with onions, garlic and hot chili peppers. Add as many chillies as your taste buds will allow. We like it hot in this house. So bring on the heat!

But back to our laborious recipe. Folks at home, try not to develop carpal tunnel, because next you will dump your can of spiced tomatoes in a pot and turn the heat to medium low.

Then take a breather. Whew – it’s a lot of work.

Then you and trusty Mr. Can-Opener are gonna get friendly and hack into that can of black beans. OH THE EXCITEMENT.

Annnnddddd repeat the dump and pour method. I typically use a separate pot for the black beans. But if you’re wanting to minimize your dish washing time, you could combine them. Just drain your black beans really well first.

A word about canned goods. They are notoriously high in salt. So please read your labels and get the lowest sodium black beans you can find. This rule really should apply to all canned good shopping. It also goes without saying, that there is no need to salt any part of this meal unless you particularly enjoy the side effects of hypertension and stroke induced face drooling.

Next get your rice going. Actually, do this step first. So err, sorry about that. Guess I won’t be scoring a cookbook deal anytime soon.

Who’s surprised?

Some miscellaneous tips: If you cook your rice on the stove top and have trouble getting it the right amount of fluffiness, try using aluminum foil to seal your lid really well. Also, try a liquid to rice ratio of 1.5 cups water/chicken broth / bourbon (just seeing if you’re still awake!) to 1 cup of rice.

If you use a rice cooker like we do, I have no advice because they have minds of their own and I finally figured out mine after a few years of maddening trial and error.

Spice Rules:
Black beans love cumin. Always.
Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.

After about 20-25 minutes of mostly waiting on your rice to cook itself, you get a simple but tasty little meal. Voila!

I made this the other night and we had some frozen corn in the freezer so I tossed that in the pot with the tomatoes. We like to dress ours up with some cheese and guacamole. Sour cream and salsa can also join the party. Or you can slap that bad boy on a tor-tilla if you’re feeling particularly carb-rebellious.

At roughly $3 a serving and with a minimal 20 minute I-can-cook-this-while-surfing-the-net-the-next-room-over, it ain’t too shabby of a meal.

Some days, you just gotta get it on the table. What are your cheap, auto pilot meals? C’mon, ain’t no shame!



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3 responses to “Sometimes I am a lazy cook…

  1. Salewa

    Love hearing from your all.. It’s a little slice of friends at home when your far away..

    Anyway… since i have realised that i really like cooking.. this is my Botswana cheap autopilot recipe..egg plant left over veggie casserole

    1. Must have eggplants (so i have to plan ahead to buy these). Slice and sprinkle with salt set aside.
    2. Find Mr Can Opener, open one can of tomato mix ( any kind italian, spicy, whatever and if you don’t have mix then a can tomato sauce)
    3.Look in fridge find any left over veggies slice dice whatever. ( usually i have left over carrots, bell pepper, butternut squash, tomatoes, beet root etc ( if in US i suggest the yellow beet roots bt these are the veggies i usually hv left over at end of the week/month)
    3. In casserole dish: layer bottom with eggplant, toss remaining veggies on top,
    4. sprinkle it salt pepper, any italian like mixed seasoning or rosemary whatever herb it in your kitchen..
    5. Pour can or two of your tomato sauce. (i use as much sauce as i want bc cheese is so expensive here.. but you may grate and insert the heavenly goodness of the cow that is Cheese). If you have more eggplant toss on top and pour more tomatoe sauce. Just b careful to not put too much sauce or it’s a little soggy bt still edible.. save sauce and pour over rice next day or something..
    6. Stick in oven for 45min or until alll veggies are cooked.
    7. Eat

    Its a one pot wonder takes about 15/20min prep and simple cleaning.. Only issues is if I am starving it usually turns into a salad.. because that requires no cooking, limited waiting, and no hot oven making my little home hotter than the botswana air…. I dont actually know what recipe for eggplant casserole is but this is my botswana version.


    • Great recipe Salewa! Thanks for sharing. So nice of you to stop by our little corner of the internet all the way from Botswana. Miss you bunches and bunches! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. What are your cheap, auto pilot meals? Has to be Maggi []. I’m sure you’ve tried it, but if you haven’t you should!

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