Rodillas, Rodillas!

Suffering from big hair and leather pants withdrawal – wow, that sounds weird – I hit up you tube to play me some ole fashioned 80’s music ala Guns N Roses. I searched YouTube until I finally found the video I’d been looking for.

Welcome To The Jungle Baby. Awww yeah.

(Random Peaches & Curry Trivia: We chose this song for our wedding reception entrance. Because you know what they say, nothing gets a party started like some badass guitar riffing.)

But to my utter *delight* yall, this old school video had subtitles.


Enjoy my friends.

Or as our neighbors to the South say, Disfrutar mis amigos!



Filed under Music Makes The People!, U tube

2 responses to “Rodillas, Rodillas!

  1. Scott did this song at karaoke on Tuesday night. Too funny!

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