September….Say Whuuttt?!

It’s too bad I can’t do voice impersonations on here. I wish yall could hear me when I read that title out loud. That phrase always makes me think of the McDonald’s drive thru chick who said “say whuuuttt” in her thickest country drawl over the intercom speaker on a road trip to see my parents one weekend with Sister Dearest. Since then, the phrase has been a mainstay in our household.

So even though you weren’t there, feel free to get your twang on and practice it over a walkie-talkie. Giggles will surely follow. Or maybe that’s just me.

ANYWAYS…so it’s like, September y’all. Holy Hell how did that happen? Last time I checked it was March and life was crazy. I missed blogging about some key moments in August. Like Somanna’s birthday.

Err. Oops. Happy Birthday Somanna! But I told you on that day.

This year was low-key compared to last year’s MEGA SURPRISE 30TH BIRTHDAY BASH!

                                                      2010 Surprise Party/Skinny Beth

2010 Surprise Birthday Party

Mosi Beer! 2010 Birthday Party/Skinny Mini Beth

In lieu of hiding 30 people in our dining room to surprise Somanna, this year we had a quiet dinner with friends.

Beth after more Oreos and less running

I’m sorry, did my inner narcissist just leave some italicized comments? Forgive me. And note that I have joined a gym.

Anyhoos, our pal Steve-O did not pass the opportunity to rouse our fellow restaurant patrons in a jubilant chorus of Happy Birthday for my main man. Cue Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder.Somanna enjoyed his moment of celebrity and then blew out the candles.

31 I’m gonna rock you OUT!

Why yes that cake does look similar to last years cake you observant reader, you. It’s the triple chocolate ganache cake from Short Street Cakes or as we lovingly refer to it: our wedding cake.  Yall, you simply have not had real chocolate cake until you have this. Unbelievably good.

I also missed an August birthday shout to my Grandmother and namesake.

Happy Belated Birthday to our number one blog fan, Grandmama! Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene disrupted our plans to visit on her actual birthday. Hurricanes have no respect for plans I tell ya.

So Grandmama, next time a weather-person tells you a hurricane is going to ruin your birthday party, just respond nice and slowly, say whuuuttt? It will render them to a fit of giggles, I gar-ron-teez it.



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