Baby Brother is heading off to College!

I went to Target today to purchase miscellaneous junk. And I couldn’t help but notice an increased amount of young adults coupled with moms, friends, moms and dads, siblings, grandparents, etc. They all seemed to be buying the same things (sheets, laundry detergent, plastic drawers) and then it dawned it me.  These are college kids. Some probably returning as upperclassmen to their respective institutions, others freshmen, nervously preparing for a new chapter in their lives.

And then I remembered that I know someone about to embark on that very exciting journey himself.

My sweet baby brother Andrew.

So there I was in Target, fighting back tears and injecting far too much sentimentality in the quaint travel size bottles of Tide that these young kids, nay young adults, were purchasing, to do their first solo round of laundry sans Mom.

Yes, Andrew, the baby, leaves for college tomorrow. He’s a remarkable person and I know he’ll do well. Still, it’s hard to resist the urge to impart every last refrain of worldly advice on him. And lucky for him, he’s got three older siblings with oodles of advice to share! Just what every young person wants to hear!

In the end though, it’s Andrew’s journey to take. The successes will be all his, as will the mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. It’s part of my big sister contract and I am obligated to fulfill it.

So Monkey Boy, I’ve complied a little list for you and I’m posting it here on the interwebs so that you can reference it on those dark lonely nights when you’re studying into the wee hours of the morning. Or for when you’re pretending to be taking notes in class on your laptop.

Officially, I endorse the first scenario, but between us I’d love it if you thought of me enough at school to even check out the blog. So the second scenario is alright too 😉

The first item on my list is uber important and very, very serious. So I expect you to approach it with utmost diligence, maturity and respect.

1.) Don’t be afraid to have fun!

I know, I know that sounds easy right? But really, it’s much harder to face your insecurities and put yourself out there. Take advantage of every new opportunity which seems a bit redundant given that these are all new opportunities. Travel. Explore. Be curious about the world.

Try new things, different things, interesting things. Go beyond your comfort zone socially, intellectually and then push a little further. Be fearless!

2.) To play hard, you have to work hard. Oprah says “Doing the best in this moment, puts you in the best place for the next moment.”  I’d listen to her. Girlfriend has had just a little success.
3.) Be cheap with your money, not your trousers.

Are you blushing yet? I’ll stop there then. BUT I MEAN IT.

4.) Please, please make an effort to maintain a decent sleep and exercise schedule. This will benefit you far more emotionally than physically. Have you ever noticed that the truly insane resemble the truly sleep deprived? It’s not a coincidence. Do not underestimate the importance of SLEEP!!

And try to eat a salad a couple of times a week. Leaves are good for the body.

Finally, el numero Cinco) Much to your dismay at times, you are part of a loud, opinionated, impressively stubborn and argumentative family.

(And as a side note, you have a sister who is technologically inept and cannot make pictures line up nicely on a simple blog, but moving on….)

We are also a funny, moody, hungry, animated, weird, intelligent, quirky, hilarious, fiercely loyal and exceptionally loving bunch.  We are nonetheless your family and you are ours. An observation easily dismissed in the excitement this next step in your life no doubt brings.

And that’s ok. It’s time for us to take a backseat so that you can drive and (finally!) choose the radio station 😉

Still, I wanted you to have it in writing. That we are always your family. 

Because it will always be true.

Monkey Boy, I hope college is awesome for you and that it takes you on to bigger and better things.

Now go enjoy taking mid day naps, because in four years, that will be a pipe dream.

Monkey Girl 🙂



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6 responses to “Baby Brother is heading off to College!

  1. Awww I definitely just cried a little…so exciting!!!!

  2. Very sweet post.

    Let the good times begin…

  3. Mom

    You have captured the feelings in my heart and expressed them beautifully!

  4. Maggie

    That is VERY sweet, Beth! Love it! (especially your hints about sleeping well and napping during the day. Do I sense there is something missing in your life in those terrains???) 🙂

  5. Beautiful post about a beautiful family.
    So true about the naps!

  6. Thanks yall, I get a little sappy when it comes to the family.

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