What does it mean when you crave cheese

All the time? Because lately I can’t seem to get enough of it. I want to make these parmesan tomatoes that I found on Pinterest, my new favorite time waster. I historically have not liked tomatoes. Pretty emphatically actually.

But hold the phone, I find myself eating them now.  It’s causing a slight identity crisis. More on that in a bit.

I also want to make some enchiladas now, thanks to Hungry Times Two‘s yummy looking post, and positively smother those muchachos in some vicious queso. That sounds healthy right? Sure it does.

*Note to Self: Must work out this week.*

Finally, this recipe from Southern Living for zucchini & spinach lasagna had me at hello.

Pasta, in the words of Dolly and in the voice of Whitney, I will always love you.

In other foodie news, we finally made our way over to Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville this weekend with some friends for brunch. Uh, WOW. I feel a little stupid for not having eaten their before because it’s a bit of a local institution. Oh yea, they also serve DELICIOUS food.

(I apologize for the lack of pictures from Sunny Point Cafe, but we’re still debating the smart phone committment around here. Can we say analysis paralysis?)

Plus, Sunny Point is truly Ashevillian, with their own organic garden right behind the restaurant to supply a fair share of the veggies found on your plate. They even allow patrons to walk around their garden and see what they are growing.This is where if I had a smart phone, you’d marvel at some funky shaped tomatoes and seriously lush basil plants. So picture that in your pretty little head.

Sunny Point sources the remainder of their veggies and most (if not all, I think) of their meats (humanely raised, hormone free of course) from local farms. I’m sure I left out some other key phrases (free range?) but basically it has everything short of a Michael Pollan endorsement. So we can all bask in our self-righteousness post-meal.

(I kid, I kid of course. Those are all super fantastic things and mad props to SPC for rocking it out on both the ethical and the tasty fronts.)

I ordered the chicken salad and it was good, but clearly I picked the wrong dish. I was a little jealous of one friend’s breakfast salad and another’s chorizo hash. But it was Somanna’s huevos rancheros that caused a major identity crisis. Lemme tell you a somethin’ Lucy, those huevos rancheros rocked my face off. I mean his, not that I kept ignoring my chicken salad and stealing nibbles from his plate or anything.

And you want to know what’s really crazy about that last paragraph? I DON”T EVEN EAT EGGS.  Or at least I didn’t used to. In fact, I used to throw them in my mother’s face as a toddler. It’s kind of been a life defining dislike. Do you know how hard it is to not like eggs in this world? It’s the universal breakfast food and I have been part of a small, tiny minority that doesn’t eat them. And today, there I was, stealing sharing a meal with da hubs and EATING EGGS and LIKING THEM.

I don’t even know who I am anymore.

But apparently I love cheese, pasta and now eggs and tomatoes.

If I start voting Republican, someone call a doctor.



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5 responses to “What does it mean when you crave cheese

  1. Mom

    Oh, my gosh! I am stunned! Eggs and tomatoes. You aren’t old enough for the “mid-life crisis”, so I don’t know what to attribute these changes to! Should I make Deviled Eggs the next time you visit?
    Love, Mom

    • I don’t think I could ever get on board with Deviled Eggs. That’s just too egg-y. In the huevos rancheros, the eggs were more of a backdrop flavor. Same for a tomato sandwich. I’m only in the shallow end of the pool here!

  2. Um yeah MAJOR identity crisis!!! I’m glad cheese has opened this many doors for you. You should get Rosie’s stuffed tomato recipe (stuffed with herbs & goat cheese & cream cheese). I know what you mean tho…it feels so bizarre when you start loving foods you never ate before. And I’ve become obsessed with cheese in the past year too! Maybe it’s something in the water. MISS YOU!

  3. Yum, yum and more yum. Thanks for the awesome recipes. Anything with cheese is golden in our house!

  4. @ Brittany – uh, yes please to Rosie’s recipes.

    @Julie – you are welcome! Do you get Southern Living? LOVE that magazine. Fantastic recipes! (And travel tips, home decor and all things Southern….)

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