Feeling a little foggy…

thanks to this head cold I got out of nowhere. And the copious amounts of drugs that I’ve been taking to combat it.

It all began on Sunday night with some general achy-ness and a slightly sore throat. By Tuesday, my throat felt as if someone had taken a cheese grater to it. Wednesday, the throat agony discomfort subsided somewhat, only to be replaced by endless sniffling and nose honkin’.

On a side note, I am quite astounded at the body’s capacity to produce endless amounts of mucus. TMI? Sorry. But seriously, it’s like the Mighty Mississippi up in here. Amazing.

As if my sniffling and nose blowing weren’t enough pleasantries for my co-workers (and Somanna), today we met the newest member of my musical trio: the cough. I now have a full ensemble folks. Achy throat guttural grunts, followed by prolonged nose blowing, capped off with a rousing and enthusiastic finish of hairball inducing coughs.

In short, I’m a joy to be around.

I tell you all this because I must confess I haven’t been sick in quite some time.  Maybe three years? Four? I had a round with allergies earlier this spring, that lasted about 24 hours. But other than that I’ve been fit as a fiddle.

And thanks to my good health, I have completely forgotten how incredibly annoying, and how utterly disruptive, even the most minor cold is. Perhaps the most annoying thing about it is, that I feel bad, but not AWFUL-O.M.G.-DYING bad, despite my whining. So I can’t fully justify pausing life altogether, but I don’t quite have the energy for anything more than staring at the tv. Much less cleaning the kitchen (total disaster btw), cooking supper (Gracias Papa John’s) or blogging about anything substantial (thank you Nyquil for today’s post).

So, Mr. Cold? If I could have your attention for a moment? First of all it’s summer and I thought you were on vacation? I mean by definition, you are a COLD and summer is HOT so really you are more out of season than white shoes after Labor Day. Also, I have work to do. Both at home and you know, AT WORK. And I’ll be damned if I’m wasting a vacation day on your sorry arse. You never take me anywhere when I do. So if you could mosey on along, I’d be much obliged.





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4 responses to “Feeling a little foggy…

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Steamy hot showers might help?!

  2. “You are more out of season than white shoes after Labor Day.” Love the wit, Miss Beth. You may be down, but you’re not out! I know how you feel – my June cold lasted two weeks and was so uncomfortable in the heat. Hope you’re back to fabulousness soon!

  3. Elaine Wyche

    So sorry sweetheart that you are not feeling well! Hope you are better soon! hugs and Kisses, Mama

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