Well butter my buns and call me biscuit!

‘Cause y’all sure do know how to flatter a girl!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back 🙂 It’s a little awkward trying to find our blogging rhythm again, but your encouragement makes my inner 13-year-old feel like she has a place to sit in the cafeteria blogging world. Blogging, like most things in life, is one of those hobbies that requires committment and re-committment about 100 times over. You just gotta keep getting back in the ole saddle.

Moving on from my Oprah moment now.

In the spirit of reclaiming our lives back, this week has witnessed two major milestones. We not only cranked up the ole blogging engine again, but we started hitting up the exercise routine again. During the hottest week of the year – eh timing’s never been our strong suit. (5 years to the altar, say what?) Whaddagonnado?

An Eastern NC girl, I always snicker at these mountain folk who lament the “heat.” In all fairness, anything 90+ degrees is hot, but it ain’t the all-consuming sauna that is Raleigh / Eastern NC. And while I may not suffer in the heat in Raleigh this week, I can assure you that I am paying for it – literally. Our house is still on the market, so I cringe as the temps soar because that means my bill is flying high too.

Anyways, it’s high time to shed some moving induced extra poundage and get back into shape. And there’s nothing better to motivate / scare the begeezus out of you than a race. So we’ve signed up for the Bele Chere 5K. Whoop, whoop!Somanna keeps “reminding” me there are real hills here, but I’m choosing to ignore this on the grounds that he is only trying to get inside my head before race day.  And no, I haven’t been training or really running since….oh last November.  You are correct to worry about me. I worry about me, but that’s for other reasons entirely.

I like to think that for what Asheville lacks in all-encompassing humidity, it makes up for in hills. So it should be an equal trade with Raleigh, right? RIGHT?!?!!

Well, I’ll let you know how that little theory works out.

And because you must be bored if you’ve stuck with this post this long, I’ll go ahead and give you some gratuitous photos of da kittehs.

First up, Mr. Fatty Patty himself Marshall.

Actually we can’t call him that anymore. We took the furbabies to the vet recently and Marshall believe it or not, has lost not one, but TWO pounds!! That is like, equal to 20 pounds in human speak (or something, I don’t know.)

Anyways, it’s a lot in kitteh world. I guess this new diet we’re doing is really working well for him, even if he hates it.  It’s a little controversial, but you know it is working, so I can’t really fault the method. It’s called S.A.D. or the “Starve All Day” technique. Shh! Don’t tell PETA!

Freckles meanwhile has decided that like any true model, she must also starve for her craft. (Her craft is “All Things Diva” by the way.) And she has lost one pound as well.

I think Freckles was French in a past life. She comes off as French like no? Oui.

And thus Dear Reader, we conclude another post of intimate nothingness. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

Wait, it’s still too early for that isn’t it?

Right, we only just got back together….Reunited and it feels soo good!

Slowing it down now….



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3 responses to “Well butter my buns and call me biscuit!

  1. Good luck with training & the race! As always, I love hearing about the kitties 🙂

  2. Mom

    This race is the END of this month! Are you sure about this? I must say, you are ambitious! But I know that you will do it because you are determined (stubborn)! Can’t imagine where that quality came from (cough, cough!!!)

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