I have started, stopped and re-started this post so many damn times, that I finally, in a fit of supreme self-annoyance, decided the hell with it.  I am only to write going forward.  No editing, self-censoring OVER ANALYZING EVERY SENTENCE anymore. Well, except for typos and basic grammar. There should be some standards. Wait, scratch that last line. I’d rather say “there should be some level of minimal blogging decency.”

Oh damn, that still has passive voice doesn’t it?  Crap I’m rusty.

Anyways, what does one say after a 4 month hiatus? Hello? Bonjour? Good to see you again? Do I re-introduce myself?

But at this point I’m fairly certain that we’re down to two readers (Hi Mama & Grandmama!) and since they already know me/us pretty well, I’m going to skip over the introductions.

I/we have obviously been busy. And then (FINALLY) that busyness subsided, like as of two weeks ago.  Did you know that living your life at a breakneck pace for 6 months can be really tiring and stressful? It’s true.  There were moments I really didn’t know if I was going to make it.  Now I look back on those moments and wonder how exactly did we make it? Because that ride was RI-DONK-U-LOUS!!!

In any case, we channeled our inner Diana Ross and survived the hell that is getting a house ready to sell, moving cities, moving apartments (twice), starting new job for me, getting slammed at work for both of us and a whole other slew of personal and professional obligations / chaos that culminated in the perfect storm.

Then when things got calmer, we suddenly realized that it was mid-July and we had forgotten the password to this here blog. Literally.

And while we’re having our little heart to heart, I’ll go ahead and tell you that we seriously talked about quitting this here blog thing. More than once. But I just couldn’t do it for reasons that I cannot totally fathom, let alone articulate.

Except to say that, sometimes I like to think there is a smart girl here who can apply her brain, her creativity and her wit to something a little  more soul fulfilling than what currently pays the bills. Don’t get me wrong – I’m feeling pretty darn grateful for my current gig these days.  I seem to have finally found a good balance of engaging, challenging (oy – the challenges) work with nice, decent people. But still, I think my inner hippie will always feel a bit strangled sitting in a cube underneath a long rectangular flourescent light while the outside world hums along.

All that artsy fartsy stuff to say, in short, that I like this forum. I like the chance to write. Even if the only people who read this are my mom, my grandmother and my husband. They were my favorite cheerleaders anyways.

So welcome to the new chapter of Peaches & Curry: The Asheville Chronicles.

We’re back y’all.  It’s good to see you again.



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11 responses to “And PLAY!

  1. Hey, not true, you have readers waiting out here! Great to see you’re back.

  2. And love the new theme by the way.

  3. Yay! So glad you decided to press “play.” I have missed your wit & ability to make me totally laugh out loud and the awesome photos. I cannot wait to hear about all your [new] Asheville adventures.

  4. Mom

    Yes, your mother has been checking your blog at least once a month to see if there was something to make me laugh out loud, but alas nothing was there since March 19, I think! So glad you did not abandon this! And where are Shaloot’s photos on Wednesdays? Tsk! Tsk! Welcome Back!

  5. Melanie

    I never miss your posts. You are a GREAT writer and always make me laugh out loud. Glad you’re back and glad your life has calmed down – I take credit for a very tiny portion of your crazy life 🙂

  6. Hey now I read your posts too! And I love this one 🙂 Also like the new blog design! Glad you guys are finally slowing down from the breakneck pace!

  7. Love love love that you use the word redonkulous too! LOL!

  8. So glad you’re back–I’ve missed you guys! 🙂

  9. About damn time! I knew you wouldn’t give up — our break with blogging didn’t last long, either. Welcome back, my witty friend!

  10. Welcome back! Missed your posts. Now you have to make up for all the days/weeks/months of pent up writing 😀

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