Guilty As Charged

Remember how during finals week in college when you had SO MUCH TO DO that you would inevitably wind up doing some trivial task in the name of productivity? Because By God, how on earth can you study for that Bio final or write that last women’s studies paper if you haven’t scrubbed the shower free of mildew with a toothbrush?!?!

Insanity.  You have gone the whole semester bathing in that filth and you have to draw the line SOMEWHERE, even if that line is three days before you move out. The madness cannot continue.  A clean mind begins with a clean body.  That much biology taught me.

Or something like that, I don’t know.  I wasn’t really paying attention in that class.  I do remember however, writing my biology professor a humorous note begging for mercy at the end of my final exam.  It must have worked, because I ended up with a C in the class that I can assure you, I absolutely did not earn.

If nothing else, college taught me the power of persuasion.  But I digress…

In that same warped yet productive, finals era procrastinating spirit, I blog to you today.

And I give you my new-found time waster.

Forgive, the lack of a pretty link.  The coding is being difficult, punks.  Still click on over there for some absurd hilarity.


You’re welcome in advance.


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One response to “Guilty As Charged

  1. Nic Traest

    Dear Somanna

    I am an art director working for a company called Kagiso Asset Management in Cape Town, South Africa. We produce a quarterly newsletter called UP and we require imagery for this newsletter.

    We really like your photo of your Henna Hand 2 found on Flickr. We would like to get your permission to use it. We can either credit you and or pay you for it.

    We would appreciate it if you get back to us as soon as possible as our newsletter goes to print tomorrow, 12 April 2011.

    Please email me

    Thanks in advance
    Nic Traest

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