A Day In The Life…

You know you’re getting old when you spend the better part of your conversations trying to recall past events, past conversations and never being able to fill in the blanks except with the following generic phrases:

“Yea. No, wait what DID you say? It sure was funny though.”

“Yea, I can’t remember either. I know we laughed alot though.”

“Gosh and who was there? Was it Scarlett or Jane?”

“I thought it was Harry!”

“No, wait that doesn’t make sense. Was it the year before?”



“How did we even get on this subject?”

“What subject? We can’t remember 2/3’s of the details.”

“Yea, but what were we talking about in the first place?”

“I have no idea.”

We have the memory of a goldfish sometimes.

Happy Weekend to you.


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