Rolling In The Deep

I hope this Valentine’s Day has found you snuggled up to someone close Dear Reader.

But just in case you’re a tish bitter over a recent break up, here’s a delicious music video to lip synch to in your bathroom mirror.

This song’s so good I almost asked Somanna to temporarily dump me so that I could indulge in slinging our dishes in an angry tantrum.


I said almost.



As if I would ever give up my purty dishes.


(or Somanna too…I kid! I kid! You know I lurrvvvs my man!)

Happy Valentine’s Day Yall.



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5 responses to “Rolling In The Deep

  1. I use this one to get real worked up on the elliptical, but li synching is good, too. Her concert here last week was off the hook, and her hair and makeup and cape and gloves…oh lord. She’s class all the way. Love it!

  2. Oohh yes! I definitely need to add this song to the workout playlist. Isn’t it Kr-a-zay that she is ONLY 22. Damn Gina, that is some serious talent!

  3. Kat


    I just want you to know that you are not the only one that secretly wishes you had a reason to sing this song!! Not a lot of music brings emotion like this does.


  4. Kat

    Dong pretty good. Preparing for Adi to move back home soon. Hope things are falling in place for you two to move back to Asheville.


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