I Feel So Judged.

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but apparently I befuddle my family physician.

I recently went in for my annual exam and as  expected, the doctor went through her standard checklists of medical history and lifestyle questions. You know those extensive questions about family medical history, surgical history, your cholesterol numbers,  how often you exercise, blah, blah, blah.

And then she asked me these questions:

Q: How often do you drink?

A:  Only occasionally.

Q: Have you ever drank?

A: Well sure, but I don’t do it habitually or excessively.

Q: How often per week?

A: Really more like once or twice a month.  Maybe.

(Lord I feel so *LAME* typing that out.  Note to self: you are young and child free, DRINK MORE.)

Q:  Do you smoke?

A:  Nope

Q: Have you ever smoked?

A: Tried it – sure, but nothing long-term.

Q: Have you ever done hard drugs?

A: No.

Q: Are you Mormon?

A:  Huh?

I believe this was her polite way of saying “You are quite possibly the most boring patient I have ever had. Wow.”



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5 responses to “I Feel So Judged.

  1. I so want to know WHY that is a question on the health screening!

  2. Mom

    I agree with Brittany! What kind of question is that?!!!

  3. I don’t think it was on her questionaire per se. Rather she just thinks I’m lame and was trying to find out why.

  4. Tone

    A 30 year old with good income and no responsibilities beyond her self… (since recently shipped husband to workcamp in Asheville… 🙂 I can not say my answers to those questions would have been the same when I live in DC …….. so I can see where the doctor was coming from…. hey girl wake up!!! Ha ha ha just kidding.. 🙂 Maybe she thought you were a good candidate and was looking to recruit you 🙂

    • Well first let’s get things straight – “good income” Puhh leeasse! Don’t make me laugh. Secondly you were in DC – uh WAY COOLER than Raleigh.

      All that being said, I fully acknowledge how boring I really am 😉 It’s pathetic.


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