Bloggy Friends  Erin and Heather have both documented how when the hubs is out of town the meal selection becomes, um rather “creative.”

I can now personally attest to this as well.

This was my supper from one night this week:

– a mini ham biscuit

– a blueberry muffin

– one leftover pork chop (it was very small)

– leftover piece of pizza (also small)

– side of orange juice

Dessert consisted of a number of Oreos I care not to disclose with some milk.

I know, W.T.F Beth?

In my defense, I had eaten a very light lunch and was starving.  But to lazy to cook and too cheap to order in.  Especially with that scrumptious but random assortment of leftovers staring me in the face whenever I opened the fridge.

Happy Eats this weekend Y’all.

I, for one, will be hitting the grocery store.  Watch out Harris Teeter!


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One response to “WEIRD.

  1. I respect your choice of two pork products in this “meal.”
    Sometimes the weirdest stuff put together is the best. No judgment here!

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