The Great Marriage Debate

So Somanna and I got into a lively debate the other night, an exchanged of mildly heated, mostly witty banter.

It centered on socks.  And specifically, when is a pair ratty enough to throw out?

The pair in question, belonged to the husband.  One sock had one teeny, tiny hole in the toe.  (*Seriously tiny yall.*  In the name of fairness though, I will acknowledge it’s existence.)  This same instigator of a sock also had a more distinct hole on the heel.

He wanted to toss them on those grounds alone.

I was aghast.

The socks are otherwise of fair condition. Not too stretched out or discolored. In fact our hole-y sock’s partner was in pristine condition and hole-less.  I made these finer points to my mate.  He met them with impassioned rebuffs regarding skin chaffing on shoe soles and the aggravation of having one toe exposed.

Our debated continued a healthy back and forth before Somanna finally took out the big guns and declared that as “God as his witness, he shall not wear ratty tatty socks like his father!”

(Ok,  so maybe those weren’t his exact words.  But he was very emphatic about this last point.)

To which I gave the seasoned parental rebuttal of, “But they’re still perfectly good socks!”

This may have sent him over the edge.

In turn, I then vowed that with God as my witness, I would use these perfectly good socks myself, thankyouverymuch!

And thus concluded our sock sassfest.

We’re curious Dear Reader.

Where do you stand on the great Sock + Marriage Debate?  How many holes before you give ’em the boot, err trashcan?

Sock it to us in the comments 🙂



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10 responses to “The Great Marriage Debate

  1. First, in our house, I have to tell A when to throw out almost anything. It’s usually while folding the laundry, and he usually gives me puppy eyes until I tell him that he can wear it *one more time* since it’s already clean.
    I find that I tell him to throw things out, but then have a hard time throwing them out myself. I think one toe hole is acceptable, but much more? It’s just not worth it. When the elastic’s worn out, I avoid wearing them because they don’t stay up, so I might as well throw them out. Underwear is somehow harder for me to throw out (although I’ll make him throw his out when it’s more than one or two small holes — especially when there’s hanging fabric).
    Sooo…I would probably side with him on the socks. If they’re going to be uncomfortable, it’s not worth it. And I’ll throw in, his feet may be different than yours — the heel may hit differently, making it more uncomfortable for him than it is for you. (It’s ok if you don’t tell him this. I often know the counterargument to my point and choose not to share it with A.)

  2. May

    I personally don’t like the feeling of the tiniest holes in my socks– but I’m weird like that. I also throw out Joey’s socks when they get any holes straight from the dryer– giving him no time to disagree. But now that we have a puppy, they simply turn into fun chew toys with some stuffing and fun colored thread (way to upcycle!)

    I must also say that I super anal about feet cleanliness/ appearance in general and a little hole in a sock could do some serious damage to a recently pedicured toe! Know what I mean??

  3. Bob

    Ditch the socks. A hole=trash. Shaloot wins this one.

  4. Mom

    Sorry, sweetie! I have to go with Shaloot on this one! Throw the holey sock out and use the other one to clean computer screens.TV screens, etc. if you want to satisfy your need for recycling.

  5. Yall make terrible hippies 😉

    Somanna is loving the vindication, btw. And in my defense we had just bought him two new packs of socks, so no worries. He is all set 🙂

    Thanks for the participating in our poll!

  6. I’m a little late, but I’ll throw my 2 cents in anyway. I cannot stand having a hole in my socks! That being said, there are times I may not notice the thinness of the heel, until the toe hole appears. I do have a couple of pairs of socks that have a small hole, and then I wore them thinking I could “rearrange” the hole and it not bother me… this did not work, and I have not worn the socks since, though they are still in my sock drawer (and now I’m reminded to go toss them!). Kev keeps socks WAY too long, and I’ll just throw them away for him.
    All that being said, old socks make great dusting cloths, LOL! 🙂

  7. I thought it was a guy thing to hold on to socks til they are raggedy — Scott’s all feel like sandpaper, so when I do laundry, I occassionally remove a pair and tuck them under the kitchen sink to use as dusters or rags for cleaning.
    When it comes to holes, I wish I knew how to sew, but I usually just toss socks once the holes show up.

  8. Oh no, I would definitely veto socks that feel like sandpaper or have no elasticity. But one teeny hole? Meh. Tons of holes – yup time to go. I do have some standards.

  9. Tone

    Being more of a hippie than Bob, but also not in favor of exposed toes I would say it depends on the type of sock. If it was sock for running and the hole was tiny in front I would probably keep it longer and use it for running. If it was a wool sock I woud mend it and keep using it (wool rocks that way!!!) but if it was a black everyday sock I would have to admit that I would toss it, as in Norway we dont wear shoes inside and dont like showing the whole world the state of my socks (or pedicure or lack there of…. )

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