The Joys of Homeownership

So, in an effort to prep the house for our big move, I’ve been running around doing all of those things that we should have been doing the whole time we lived here, but were too busy sitting on our rumps complaining about having nothing to do and watching movies.

So I haz been kind of busy.  Cleaning, sorting, etc.  Which reminds me….

May I just take a moment to say, MY WORD the clutter! MY WORD! Scary.

Anyhoos, in the throes of cleaning out, organizing, sorting, chucking, painting, and the like, there’s been a wee bit of repairing. And the first thing on my repair list was the GFC outlet in our kitchen that had kicked the bucket, oh, about 2 months ago. Leaving us a kitchen with only three functioning outlets.  Kind of a problem.

So I set out to conquer this outlet, despite my general amnesia when it comes to ninth grade, physics and electrical circuits. Luckily my liberal arts degree saved the day as it taught me the value of Google, YouTube and evaluating your sources.  Also, the new outlet came with instructions – very useful.  All of these things combined to give me the confidence (or the stupidity) to believe that I could handle this easy, peasy.  Plus, I figured worst case I’ll receive slight jolt to perk up the hair do.

Now I won’t bore you with libelous details, but after carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions, consulting my favorite YouTube video and of course TURNING OFF THE POWER, I managed to switch out that sucker of a GFC outlet all by myself Celine!

Victory was mine!

Oh Happy Day!! That lovely little green light is on!

Feeling euphoric and entirely over-confident, next I set out to conquer the broken doorbell.  That has literally been broken since we moved in.

We rock at home ownership.

Sadly friends, this is where my tale of victory becomes a tale of woe.  First, I correctly installed the doorbell chime after utilizing a similar three prong official research method of manufacturer’s instructions + Google + YouTube.

Alas, No go.

With some more Googling, I determined the problem to lie with the doorbell button instead.  Hurriedly,  I set off to the store, purchased a new shiny, button and returned home, where I promptly installed that sucker and optimistically tested the results:

No vamos.

Frustrated, I combed the internets in search of a solution.  Eventually, I consulted the book of face where a good friend, Handy Manny of Old Married’s, informed me that the problem probably centered around a faulty transformer.


Inspired by Handy Mandy’s hunch,  I set out to reclaim my victorious throne of DIY homecoming queen.

Only to have the blasted transformer thwart me again.


I have searched the attic, the garage, every closet and cabinet, the entire house high and low.  I even went outside to look around near the furnace and the electrical panel.

No such luck.

Tomorrow, I plan on asking Neighbor Bob if he knows where it might be since our houses are similar in design.  Which leaves this post in a “to be continued” status, mocking me and my to do list endlessly.

Doorbell Transfomer, you may have won the battle, but I will win the war.

To Be Continued!



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4 responses to “The Joys of Homeownership

  1. Big kudos to you for changing out the outlet! I am impressed! I’m sure the doorbell victory isn’t far behind.
    And we’re in the same boat as far as home ownership goes… so much to do when we moved in… oh, and still, so much to do now. Sigh. You’re not alone!

  2. I don’t know what GFC means, but I’m impressed. Yay for you. I hope asking the neighbor works out!

    When I sort through our clutter, I always find myself in a dilemma of “Goodwill?” or “Craigslist?” but sometimes tossing it in a bag or box and donating it is so much easier than trying to wrangle a few bucks. And let’s not even talk about the dreaded garage/yard sale.

  3. @Becky – thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes it really feels like everyone else has their home far more together than ours!

    @Erin – a GFC (technically, it’s GFCI, my bad. But that fourth initial is really tedious to include) outlet is a “Ground Fault Current Interruptor” outlet. They are typically intsalled in areas where water is likely to come into potential contact with electrical items, i.e. the kitchen and your bathroom. You will recognize these outlets as having the little test and reset buttons in between the two outlet openings.

    The purpose of the GFCI outlet is that if water comes into contact with either the outlet or your plugged in device, the current will interrupt itself (read: shut off) and prevent you from dying. Ok so that’s a bit dramatic but it cuts off the power, which is good for all sorts of obvious safety reasons.

    Often other regular outlets are linked onto the GFCI outlet’s circuit causing these outlets to also follow the GFCI’s lead, so to speak, creating an addtional safety measure.

    This explains why when our GFCI outlet went bust, it meant that current could no longer be directed through the GFCI outlet to the other 6 outlets in our kitchen riding on that one circuit.

    Odds are my explanation is riddled in minor incorrect details but that’s the gist of it as I understand per Google and some speedy skimming skills. Changing out an outlet is actually much easier than it sounds, so really it earns no cool points.

    And oh yes – there is definitly a yard sale in our future. Anything that doesn’t get sold goes straight to Goodwill!

    ps sorry for my overly lengthy explanation. But I felt compelled to share the Outlet Gospel.

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