Day 30: The Dog Days Are Over

First off Dear Reader, a very Merry New Year to you.  I hope the cleansed palate of a fresh year ahead of you invigorates you as much as it does me.

Or at the very least, that you drank entirely too much on December 31st because nothing says au revoir bitches to a dying year like excessive alcohol consumption.

But back to the 411 or the 2-0-1-1!

*groans to self*

2011 is already starting off with a Bangedy, Bang Bang over here at Casa De Peaches y Curry.

We have news, internet friends.



EPIC, even.  Perhaps, maybe? I’m not really sure anymore because that’s what happens when you over analyze every detail to death.

Oh what the hell, let’s just get it out and done with shall we?


Brace yourselves Dear Reader! Because…..


(Ok, so like the five people who read this blog already knew that, but let’s pretend that we do have an actual audience who didn’t know that fact and revel in their pretend shock, mmkay?)

I know.

“Say whhaaaa?” You’re saying to yourself right now.

(A phrase, which the girl at the McDonald’s drive thru uttered over the intercom with pronounced Southern slowness on that last syllable for an unintended, but nonetheless hysterical effect for Somanna, Sister Dearest and myself on a recent road trip. Truly Hilarious.)

As you may recall from this mega-post of yore, we mentioned that at the end of last August, Somanna was laid off.

Naturally, that event led to an extensive job search.  And as much fun as that was (NOT), we decided that gainful employment offered even more good times.  Long story short, Somanna landed a great opportunity.

Because he rocked out that layoff, mmkay? The man was Focused! Driven! Dedicated! Determined!

And it paid off, because a great role came across his proverbial plate.

The only hitch? It’s located in Asheville, from whence we came three and half years ago.  (Also this is the same Asheville from whence we met, fell in lurrrvvv and got hitched. Yes, that crunchy city of mountain goodness, a la Ashevegas.)

Oh, Thomas Wolfe?  It turns out you can go home again.  Suck it.

So after careful consideration, we decided to go for it.  Sure, moving is beyond complicated, stressful and scary.  But at least we’ll be going somewhere we know (and love) for a great opportunity.  But all of that excitement doesn’t make leaving any easier.  Or change the fact that we’re going to miss Raleightown and our Raleigh friends dearly.

So in closing, I ask that you hold us in your hearts and pray for a smooth transition for Somanna and our sanity as we navigate all of the hurdles of relocation.

Also pray for my hair.  I have seen more gray hairs than I’d care to admit since last August.  What?  I’m not saying vanity deserves a high rung on the prayer list, but still a small request never hurt.

The dog days are over, the dog days are done.

Here’s hoping happiness hits us like a truck train on a track.

Update: I had to correct that last line because I goofed on the song lyrics.  And there went my cool points.



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8 responses to “Day 30: The Dog Days Are Over

  1. Becky

    HUGE congrats on the new job, Shaloot! So happy for you! And so glad you’re coming back to Avl! Woohoo! Good luck with moving, I’m sure it will be stressful, but sooooo worth it!
    Congratulations, again! 🙂

  2. Best line – “It turns out you can go home again. Suck it.”

    Glad to see this news formally proclaimed on the Internets. Big moves require lots of energy, patience and hope — this I know. You will handle it all wonderfully!

  3. YAY!!!!! 1) *love* that song. 2) Completely forgot about the articulate drive-through lady – hilarious 3) I agree with Erin – the best line is definitely “Oh Thomas Wolfe? It turns out you can go home again. Suck it.” Love you & praying for you both!

  4. So excited for y’all! And totally jealous too (in theory because I have no intentions of wanting to move with a toddler) 🙂 Will be thinking of y’all in this new exciting journey. And I hear ya on the multiplying gray hairs; Nice & Easy here I come!

  5. Thanks yall! The support means alot!!

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  7. Congratulations on the new job and all the best on the move!

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