Day 29: Happidy Tuesday

Ho Hum, it’s day 29 and I feel like today’s post should be far more climatic than this.  But seeing as how Christmas is three days away, we thought it would be a good time to start our Christmas shopping.

I can out procrastinate anyone.

I also blame the final Harry Potter book for rendering my holiday to do list unchecked.  OMG J.K. Rowling!!!  I truly forgot how genius you are.

Peace Out Lovely Readers!



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2 responses to “Day 29: Happidy Tuesday

  1. Oh No. What are the malls like right about now? I hope you made it out unscathed!!

    • Haven’t needed the malls so far. Just some Tarjay and Barnes & Noble. I have always thought that going out on the weeknights closer to Christmas is far better crowd wise than going out early or on the weekends. The only downside is sometimes things are pretty picked over. On the plus side, the sales are usually much better!

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