Day 28: The IPM

We like to joke around here at Peaches & Curry.  Both on our blog and better yet, off it.  Few things in life feel better than to double over with laughter.  And life is too damn short to not have a chuckle or occasionally laugh at yourself.

To supplement all of this jesting, we employ a variety of accents.  Some great impersonations, some not so.  Whatever.  It’s all in good fun.

Naturally, Somanna can nail an Indian accent.  It’s not his natural accent because he actually grew up in Zambia and has more of an African accent. Although more and more that accent fades much to his dismay as he continues to live in the States.

Anyhoos, the point of all of this, is that sometimes he busts out the Indian accent.  Particularly when he wants to me to do something.

I refer to this as the IPM.


The “Indian Persuasion Method.”

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about:

S: “Here, come take. Have some. Take. Come”

B: “No Thanks, I’m good.”

S: “Simply try it. Taaakkee. Take, take. Come try. Come. Take!”

B: “No really I don’t want-”

(cutting me off)

S:SIM-ply! Take. Taakkkkeee. Try it. Come. Take! Taaakkkkeee.

Meanwhile he shoves whatever morsel of food closer and closer to my mouth, gesturing with an upward motion, accompanied by the ever insistent Indian head bobble.

S: “Come, Take. Taaaakkkkeee. Take. Try. You’ll like. Taakkkkkkeeeeee.

B: “FINE!”

(chewing food sulkily.)

S: “See?” (head bobbles in satisfaction.)

The IPM yall.

You pair that sucker with the head bobble and you’re a goner.

*Pssstt check out this funny clip about Indian accents.


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