Day 27: Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!

Oh Hai Dere!

Mi namez Marshall and I’z vury hanzombs, no?

Wook ats me.  I haz such purrrfects whizkerrs and da cwutest widdlest rabbitz mouf, jes?

Mi bodee iz pretty hotz too.  Dont worreez ladeez, dere’s enuf of me to go arowndz.

I lurrvvss to snugglez and keaps u toosty warmz.  I haz lots of insoolationz miself.  Warnings:  I can pens uz downs and makes u late fer wurks.  Sawrys, butt, I haz too to stai warmz en dis frigeed houze.

Mi parentalz iz tryen to starvez me.

I’z try to busst opeens da food suppliez in dat cupbords behinds me. But deys keaps catchings me.  Hrrmmphh!

I’z denyz it all thoughs! I’z onlee hawngree.

De parentals iz also tryen to makes me Xersize more.

I’z donts tink soo.

I’z much wrathers sits in dee sunrooomz and practize myz modeleng.

Summtymes I’z gets borred and haz to supervisse my parentals en de kitchenz. (U kan gets scraps dis wayz too!)

Den I’z cheks my facebuuks page and blogz dis post.

Den I’z go fynds my mommys and C whut she’z doen.

Oh Hai! Iz dat goods books?

But shes shooz me aways and so I fynds my daddee and hez starts to torturres me.

Fook Off humenz.

I’z no stoopid mouse.

Deer reederz,

Prease synds foodz.

And helpz.





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6 responses to “Day 27: Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!

  1. Mom

    Dear Marshall,
    You could come to Grandma’s house and have lots of goodies to eat, but you hiss at me every time I am around. I am NOT FEELING the love! So until you figure out who will spoil you, deal with your parents’ restrictions and rules!
    Love, Grandma

  2. Mom

    Also, dear Marshall, we need to work on this speech problem you have!

  3. Have y’all gone & monetized this piece with some Google ads? I have pondered this for our blog but want to know if it’s worth doing. Let me know how it goes!

  4. May

    Marshall can’t haz cheezburgers? No fairz!

  5. @Erin – er… why, do you see ads when you check the site? As far as we know, we haven’t done that, and not sure if we will. I know other blogs that do it (photo stuff) and it sounds like they hardly get anything from it. And I’m not sure if it’s worth while for our blog since we don’t pull in any major traffic.

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