Day 26: iPod, iList

First off,  in regards to yesterday’s post, I should have known that my family would so eagerly and emphatically chime in on the great grammar debate.  LORD people.  It’s a sickness, I tell you.  If you only knew how many family dinners involved in depth explanations of “lie versus lay,” the appropriate use of who and whom and of course, the one habit I still struggle to shake “Mary, she went..” – well, let’s just say that these debates have yet to subside.  Frankly, I doubt they ever will.  Even when people die, you have to use words like “lie” and “lay” correctly.  Damn Gina!

Anyhoos, evening plans have limited my time to blog today, so instead of chatting I have prepared a list for you!  Just in time for your holiday iPod shuffle.

Check it Out!

Without Further Ado, I present to you:

Beth’s Top Pop Holiday Songs!

I hate to start off with an honorable mention, but I equally love Bruce Springsteen’s, The Jackson Five’s and Frank Sinatra & Cyndia Lauper’s versions of “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town.” Because all three make it too hard to choose, I’m lumping them in the honorable mention category.

Now, onto the real list!

10.)  Boney M’s “Mary’s Boy.” LOVE this song.  How can you not sing along? Even Somanna knows this song!

9.)  Bobby Helms’ classic “Jingle Bell Rock.” “What a bright time, it’s the right time, to rock the night away.”  Wiser words have never been spoken, Bobby.  Rock on.

8.)  Glee Cast Version of “Last Christmas.” We’re big fans of The Glee here at Casa de Peaches & Curry.   In fact, I have a major girl crush on Lea Michele.  Finn, however, needs some serious coaching on his dance “moves.”  Bless it.

7.)  Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.” Who knew writing Santa a letter could be so sexy? This song makes you want to be on the naughty list.  Dirty Santa indeed!

6.)  Willie Nelson and Norah Jones “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” I know so many have covered this song, but the combination of their voices just gets me.  I try not to visualize Willie seducing Norah though.  Kind of makes me want to throw up my eggnog.

5.)  Faith Hill’s makes our list with  “A Baby Changes Everything.” Apparently, this song has been out for awhile, but I just heard / fell in love with it this year.  And by in love with it, I mean I play it ALL THE TIME.  I might even hold a hairbrush and sing along sometimes too.   I’m very mature for my age.

4.)  Brenda Lee’s Rocking Around The Christmas Tree. Ahh yes, one of the classics.  I *always* associate this song with that scene from Home Alone.  You know the one.  Where Kevin fakes the party and has his Michael Jordan cut out going around the room on a train set.  I watched that movie religiously as a kid to memorize all of his anti-theft strategies in hopes of thwarting my own bad guys with my little pony and Barbie doll boobie traps.

Logically, I realize that the fact that I never got to act out the whole “my house got broken into” fantasy shouldn’t disappoint me.  But it kind of does.  Bummer.

3.)  Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” Oh Mariah.  All I want for Christmas is you to sing a straight note and belt out that voice of yours instead of all that whisper-y crap.   You have a fantastic voice.  Use it Sister.

2.) Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.” Dear Elvis,  I know we were lovers in a previous life.  And I know you meant this song for me.  But you see, I’ve gone and married an Indian man. So I’m afraid in regards to any future reincarnations, I’ll be shacking up with him.  But we’ll always have Vegas and Hawaii.  XoXo, Beth

1.)  Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” Was there ever any doubt?  As if, something else could replace this song.

Thus concludes another fun list.  So what did I leave out? Ten really isn’t enough….



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5 responses to “Day 26: iPod, iList

  1. EXCELLENT list. I would add (thought I’m not sure where…) Christmastime is Here from Charlie Brown, What Child is This? from Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan’s Silent Night, Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis singing Auld Lang Syne, and Mary Did You Know? from Kathy Mattea. Also, can we count Adam Sandler’s The Chanukah Song?

  2. PS I hope Elvis doesn’t take it too hard – rejection by reincarnation is the worst.

  3. Kudos on the list! I love Faith Hill’s “Where are you Christmas?” And every time I hear “Baby it’s cold outside” I think of Elf–I mean, every. time. lol!
    And I’ve got to do it… I’d also add “Last Christmas” by Wham!. It’s terrible, but I just love that song!

  4. @Brittany – I did debate the Charlie Brown song. But I’m afraid it just doesn’t merit a top 10 status. Sorry Charlie Brown. Also, the list is of pop holiday songs, not pop covers of traditional hymns, so that eliminates a lot of great versions of songs. And I much prefer Wynonna and Kenny Rogers version of “Mary Did you Know.”

    @Becky – I love that song of Faith Hill’s too! It just didn’t make the cut sadly, but I did consider it. And you should listen to Glee’s version of Last Christmas – same song as Wham. Love their version and the Wham original too! And yea, that scene in Elf is hilarious!

  5. Julie T.

    Excellent list! I am ashamed that I do not know the Faith Hill song (A Baby Changes everything). I must find and listen to it soon. I also must acquire Glee’s Christmas album. I was a show choir girl from 6-12th grades and can totally relate, well, mostly (we had big hair and tons of sequins).

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