Day 23: Soup-Tacular

So, it’s cold out.   And when that happens, I gleefully retreat to the kitchen and make warm things.  Things like brownies and cookies and in case you haven’t figured it out by the title of this post, SOUP!

Oh Soup!  How I love thee.  Let me count thy ways:

1.)  You are warm, yummy and make winter feel all snuggily cozy.

2.)  A fairly nutritious meal, I appreciate your catch-all consumption for miscellaneous ingredients.  In other words, you are practical and cheap,  just like me.

3.)  I can make a sh*t ton of you and not have to cook the rest of the week, yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

That last point deserves special emphasis, as it explains my unyielding loyalty to The Bowl.

But alas, my love, my darling, my 6’3 man cannot subsist on soup and cornbread (Holla for the Dirty South y’all!)  alone for a week.  Nay, he requires more substance and demands more variety of flavor and texture.

How uppity.  A few hunger pains in the night merely induces empathy.  The world needs more compassion, right?

But this cook aims to please and so when my love, my darling, my 6’3 man contracted yet another cold this week,  I set out to find a soup that wouldn’t make him roll his eyes (creamy tomato again?) or wake up at 5 am hungry.

And this little recipe for curried potato and vegetable soup did just the trick.

Flavorful?  Check.

Substance?  Check.  (Go heavy on the potatoes and serve with rice to fill it out some.  Hello Carbs!)

Can be made in mass quantities and eaten for days frozen? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

Basically it tastes a lot like a good Dahl, minus the lentils, which you could certainly add.  Or green beans too.  You could also throw some chicken up in this piece if you wanted to go a carnivorous route.

That’s my motto for a lot of things:  Just throw some chicken up in this piece.  You can ask my college roomies and the local fire department all about that.

But I’ll explain that story another time.

Oh and my favorite cornbread recipe is here.   And for the soup, I pretty much doubled the spices to kick things up a notch.

Cornbread and Dahl, that’s us alright.

Surprisingly, it works.


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One response to “Day 23: Soup-Tacular

  1. May Wahdan

    More like throw some chicken up in this grease– I am still terrified to fry chicken at home. Perhaps a good cooking goal for 2011… And maybe start a cooking/ crafting blog :). Xoxo

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