Day 21: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

As you may recall from this earlier post, we have been debating getting a Christmas tree around these parts.

Well friends, cue the Charlie Brown music and check out our “compromise” Christmas tree:

I know, woh-wohhhh.  But hey, we got this mini pre-lit fiber optic tree for our apartment days and still had it around.

Maybe it looks a little better lit up??

Le Sigh.


Yea, no way am I forgoing a Christmas tree. Especially when it’s only $54 and from the NC mountains.  Sold.  Gotta support our (semi) local farmers ya know.

We got our tree a week ago and finally got around to decorating it this weekend.  It smells fantastic 🙂  Nothing can really duplicate that wonderful smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

This little John Deere Tractor I gave to Somanna I think our first Christmas together.  It was his first Christmas ornament ever. Awww, my lil redneck.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a penchant for glitter.  Lots and lots of swirly, sparkly glitter.  Who knew? Certainly not me, until I started looking at these photos.

I’m also a sucker for sentimental ornaments. (Um who isn’t? Scrooge?) I’ve always loved the Charlie Brown movies at holidays and A Charlie Brown Christmas is right up there with some other nostalgic film favorites.

Christmas time is one of the few times that our cultural gap (as we refer to it) shows.  I tend to completely flip out over pretty much anything Christmas related.  Obviously, for Somanna most Christmas stuff is fairly new territory for him and he tires of hearing  me say “How can you NOT know the words to that song/movie scene?” To which he replies, “how can you keep forgetting that I did not grow up in America?”

Por ejemplo,  I recently found out that my main man has never seen The Grinch. Oh Dear Reader, our movie education list for Somanna is so long. So, so so long.  There is much work to be done if we plan to procreate at some point.

On the flip side, he doesn’t understand how I can’t relish a cup of hot tea in the afternoon or how for most Americans, New Year’s Eve is kind of quiet. (At least in my family, it is.) It’s not a problem or anything. Just another observation that all couples have from time to time that says ” hey guess what , you grew up in a different household than me.”  Our observations are just flavored a bit more by a stronger cultural / oceanic divide, that’s all.

But that’s the way we like it, uh huh.

Thanks to all of you who voted in our Christmas tree poll! For the record, I did not and will not get a smart phone, Sam I am. Lust though I may, I shall fight the temptation and stay strong.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to relish a cup of hot cocoa in front of my tree while Somanna enjoys a cup of hot tea.  He may not know all the words to “O Christmas Tree” but we’ve got plenty of years ahead of us for him to learn.



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6 responses to “Day 21: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

  1. May

    Beautiful!! I love it and am sooooooooooooo pro real tree. Congrats– it looks awesome 🙂

  2. May

    I also totally fell for your sike.

  3. Love the tree! I also fell for the small one, lol! I LOVE real trees! We haven’t had one in years (primarily due to fire concerns, since we always seem to be gone for Christmas for a few days), however, we’re hoping in the next few years to buy a REAL tree. 🙂
    Has Shaloot seen Rudolph??? If not, he should put it on his “to see” list. 🙂

  4. Simply gorgeous! Man, I was feeling okay about not having one til now. :-/

  5. You guys are killing this 30 day challenge! This is a pretty long post! Also, I LOVE the tree.

  6. Yay! Glad yall fell for our little trick, haha.

    And thanks for the tree love. Sooo glad we got it. Makes the house and the season feel so much more festive!

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