Day 20: Day 20! Can you believe it?!

I always feel a bit embarrassed when I start a sentence with “Hey! The other night on PBS…” because for some reason I feel like that drops us a few cool points.  And frankly we don’t have that many points to spare.

Exhibit A:

Channeling Napoleon Dynamite facial expressions in India.

In all seriousness, PBS features great stuff!  We are big dorky fans of The PBS.   Don’t even get me started the surprisingly fascinating crows documentary.

Yes, crows.   Did you know that crows actually use more advanced tools than chimps?  And that they can recognize faces? AND that they can pass on the memory of these recognized faces to their offspring?!?!!!

Say What?!?!?!!

People, that is some serious smarts.  You really should check out that documentary sometime.  When you aren’t busy being cooler than us, of course.

Anyhoos, the other day I saw this version of the classic Christmas song “What Child is This?”  And I kind of fell in love with it, much to Somanna’s dismay because when I love a song I MUST PLAY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Until I can’t stand it anymore.

And then I usually choose a new song to obsess over.

It’s a healthy habit vicious cycle.

Anyways,  I thought I’d share.

Tis the Season, after all.



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