Day 19: Mobile Mechanic

Folks, if anyone in the Triangle area needs a good, honest, very professional mechanic, then let me tell you about Adam and his services.  In a nutshell, he’s the bomb.  No, make that the bomb-diggity.  The best thing about him, is that he comes to your house!  Yes, you can say goodbye to having to deal with dingy waiting rooms, crappy coffee, internet that doesn’t work, and some service advisor trying to get you to add on a bunch of other “fixes” for your ride.  Plus, not ever knowing or seeing who actually gets up in your car kinda bothers me.

Yes, he comes to your place, and will work on your car on your driveway!  Our good ol’ Ford has 115K on it’s legs and was 15K past due on a timing belt replacement.  Er… oops.  The thing with timing belts is that you have no idea when it’s going to break.  It’s one of those things where as you are driving along, you will hear something funny, and by the time you turn down the volume on Lady Gaga NPR the belt has broken and all hell as broken IN your engine.  Yea, it’s a pretty big deal.  And can cause major damage to the engine.  It’s no easy fix and usually takes a couple of hours, so the thought of either having to wait at a garage, or coordinate the whole “well you follow me I’ll drop the car then come back with you etc” is such a pain.

Instead, we called Adam.  Who we learnt about from our friendly neighbor Rob I mean Bob who was using him to fix an electrical problem on his daughter’s car.  So going off his word of mouth, I got in touch with Adam.

First thing you will notice is how professionally he conducts himself.  Very courteous and clear on the phone, which is such a nice change from the usual “hellothisisjoWWHRRR-ZZ-ZZZ-ehowcanihelpyou?” noise and chaos of other shops.  He was also very flexible in our dates, especially considering there were a few times I had to call back to reschedule and not once did I detect any annoyance.  If he was, then he politely let me have it after I hung up!

I wasn’t in town on the Saturday he came to our house, nice and early at 8am (but Beth is super productive around the house when I’m not around so I guess it’s ok…?).  Depending on the job and how long it takes, you might or might not get this early alarm call.  He can also meet you during the weekdays after he is done with his day job.  Beth talked about how well he conducted himself, how he was very neat and tidy, and actually apologized in advance for using some loud tools that might wake up any kids that we may have!  He also explained exactly what it was he would be doing and during the process he checked in with Beth to show what he was finding and his thoughts.  It turns out all the slow driving and regular oil changes actually paid off in that he said the ol’ Ford was in great shape!  He also followed up with Beth a few days later to ask how everything is going and if there’s any problems that may risen up and to please keep him in mind for our next job.  Way to follow up with your customers!

It’s just awesome to finally find someone you can really trust with your car and know that he takes great pride in his work.  He does all makes and models, electrical systems, alternators, starters, belts, hoses, brakes, tune-ups and if you have parts, he will install them for you.  For a small amount he will also do a once over on your car and let you know what his thoughts and recommendations are.  In a few days he’s going to help me out and show me how to change the bulbs on the Honda cause they just had to make something simple like that so ridiculously complicated.  Well the joke is on them and their dealerships!  And besides, I always like supporting small local businesses!

So give Adam’s (who is also ASE certified and guarantees his work) On-Site Automotive a call or text at:

919 – 758 – 9960

He currently only accepts checks or cash, and is working on getting a card machine for further convenience!  Give him a call and let him come to you!


Note:  We weren’t paid or perk’d in any way to write this review.  I doubt Adam even knows we have a blog.  We were just honestly that impressed and wanted to spread the good word.  It’s so tough to find a good mechanic, much less one that makes house calls!



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2 responses to “Day 19: Mobile Mechanic

  1. That is AWESOME! My dad has been on me for a couple of months now about my timing belt, as the Corolla just turned over 100k. Very cool that you have a good person to come to your home and fix the belt on your vehicle!
    It’s so nice to find someone like that you can rely on. That’s how I feel about our hvac guy–he’s very talkative, but is super efficient, upfront, honest, and really just a great guy. Whenever we need work done, Jimmy’s our guy!

  2. That’s great you have a good HVAC person. That’s next on our to do list!

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