Day 18: Organic Crack

You know what I really like about blogging?

No.  Rules.

Well, except for my rules.  But guess what? Since I make the rules,  I can change them whenever and however I like.

It’s a pretty sweet gig.

Take passive voice for instance.  Sometimes I try to avoid it and write like a proper writer and not like the crass, twangy talker that I am.

More often than not, I throw my hands up in the cliched air and say passive voice be damned.

Forgive me Dr. Mitchell.

Here’s another example of my dorky writer’s rebellion:  Take last Tuesday’s post.   I really should have finished telling you about our Post Thanksgiving weekend.   But I kind of got carried away with wedding fever showcasing Cousin M&M’s wedding, which was a loooonnnggg overdue post to begin with.  (Gaghhh!! There is another writer’s faux paus!)   So overdue that I probably shouldn’t have written about it.

But I did it anyways.  Albeit seven months later.  Whatev’s.  Because you know what? I’m glad I did. We had a great time at their wedding and why the heck not blog about it?

And take today’s post.  I probably should write about something else (cough, half marathon, cough, cough) but frankly I don’t feel like it.

My mind wants to meander about instead.

So I shall follow these thoughts to their inevitably illogical conclusion:  supper.

Which for me consisted of a bowl of Cap’N  Crunch (with “berries”!) served with a side of (organic) cheese puffs.

Did you know they make organic cheese puffs?

Oh Dear Reader, but they DO.

Did you also know that said organic cheese puffs are really just code for crack in a bag?

Because it IS.

You should also know that by a “side of organic cheese puffs” I meant the whole damn bag.

That shiz really is crack.  I almost snorted the white powdery crumbs.  Almost, until Somanna took the bag away from me and left me crumpled in a fetal position.

Cap’N Crunch and organic cheese puffs.

Welcome to my madness.

p.s. the husband ate homemade chilli with rice.

I really can’t explain myself sometimes….Happy Thursday y’all.



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2 responses to “Day 18: Organic Crack

  1. Manny

    “p.s. the husband ate homemade chilli with rice”

    LOL 🙂 Yup..We desies are like that only. I luv getting some Chillie from Boston Market and eating it with some rice.


  2. Hi Manny!
    I actually got the idea to pair the chilli with rice from Southern cooking. It’s very common in the South to eat beans with rice (i.e. red beans and rice, etc) and chilli is full of beans, so it made sense to me too to put these things together.

    Plus if you eat chilli with rice – you stretch out one meal for several days. Very economical.

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