Day 16: Thanksgiving: Part Deux

Now that we have sufficiently stuffed your virtual appetites from our Thanksgiving meal, it’s time that we share how we spent the rest of our weekend.

Friday, I labored while Somanna and Sister Dearest did……..I don’t know what.  But I’m going to assume it involved copious amounts of laziness and impressive napping feats since they weren’t enslaved at work.

No, I’m not bitter.  Why do you ask?

But eventually the bell tolled and I ran free like the wind to the house so that we could welcome our uber fun & fabulous guests for the evening.

Y’all, meet M&M.  As in Matt & Maggie!

And no, they did not come over to our house in their wedding attire.  (Although that would have been fun too.)

Indeed, this picture was taken back in April at their fabulous wedding in Cape Cod.  (Or “down the Cape” as they say up Nawth.)  I realize now that I never actually blogged about their wedding seven months ago.   And since my hangover finally wore off from their kick arse party (I kid! I kid! – It only took three months. Ha! I kid, again!) I will now inundate you with pictures and commentary.

First up,  we flew into Boston, ahem a bit tardy seeing as how we missed our flight – a point that I’m sure to forget, but that my brother no doubt is keen to remember. –  After arriving, we linked up with Brother Bob and decided to mill about Boston for some casual sight-seeing.

Exhibit A:  An important looking building.  Hmm, I wonder what it is?  I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes.  Highly frustrating.

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Oh well, up next we have the founder of decent beer:

Beer is more important than history anyways.

Next, we have a massive swan pushing herds of lazy tourists around:

I kid! I kid!.   Lurking behind this lamp post where you can’t see is some poor lad peddling his arse off to push the boat.  Talk about a crappy gig.

Bean Town was in full bloom during our visit.   Pretty, no?

That night we went to Faneuil Hall for dinner and to mill about.

We even made it to the touristy version of Cheers.  They claim everyone knows your name, but they sit on a throne of lies!!

Sorry, I just watched Elf recently and feel the need to interject that quote as often as possible.   Relevance is not required.

After dinner in Bah-stun,  we headed down the Cape and readied ourselves for the big day.  Because Saturday we were,

Going to the Chapel:

Because Spring is here! The uh, uh Sky is Blue! (whoa oh oh!)

Birds all sing!  As if they knew!

Today’s the Daayyyyy,  Maggie&Matt will say I do and they’ll never be lonely annneemooorreee!

Errbody sing it with me now!

Then it was time to throw down y’all.  I’m telling you, Celebrations:  It really is what we do best around here.  But before things got rowdy we had to eat it down first.

Feast your eyes on these glories:

Ah, yes that last picture would be of the Clam Chowdah station.   Do you really need me to tell you how delicious it was? Ok, because it WAS.

M&M also had one of the cutest darn wedding cakes I’ve ever seen.

And then we threw down yall.  Like for realz.  There are photos.  But in the light of better (and more sober) judgment, I shall refrain from posting them here, as I hope to preserve some shred of dignity before childbirth takes it all away in a few years (so I’ve been told.)

My dignity: the last frontier.

Plus, that was a rather lengthy and robust tangent to introduce you to M&M, who came over to our house post Turkey Day for some seriously awesome pizza and some seriously awesome conversation.  I would show you pictures of the pizza – but we polished it off.  Food never stands a chance in this family.  By the way, major shout out to Lilly’s Pizza in Raleigh!  Love that place.

There were lots of laughs and jokes, movie quotes (On my command!), lines and zingers and just general merriment.

Of which I struggle to remember. Seriously? The memory of a goldfish!!!

But these sorts of laughs are to be expected with M&M 🙂

I mean after all, how can you NOT have fun with a couple willing to bust out Jazz Hands at their own wedding reception?

Good. Times.



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4 responses to “Day 16: Thanksgiving: Part Deux

  1. Mom

    Aw, what a wonderful trip down memory lane! It was so much fun and they are a really fun couple! Love the photos and the commentary!

  2. Jazz hands – love it.
    M&M are indeed a treat! What a wonderful family you have!

  3. Aunt Helen

    AHHHH, what a grand time it was…………wish it were able to be repeated month after month, it was so much fun. I haven’t stopped smiling since.

  4. Glad yall liked the trip down memory lane 🙂 It was even better in person!

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