Day 15: Hypothetically Speaking….

The other night, as Somanna and I watched some football on tv, we saw this commercial.

**Update: It seems the video doesn’t wish to cooperate.   Punk.   Here’s a direct link just in case.   It’s short so check it out!**

Have a looksee:

Then the following dialogue occurred:

Beth, ever so sweetly:  “So when that happens to us. How do you want me to tell you? Do you want to be surprised or know or what?”

Somanna, very matter of factly:  “Well first off, don’t come waving that pee stick up in my face.  Damn.”



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4 responses to “Day 15: Hypothetically Speaking….

  1. Mom

    Somanna can not overlook the stick in light of the announcement that he is going to be a father! Hmm!

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