Day 11: Thursday Tidbits

I’m really tired right now.  So my apologies, but my brain isn’t very coherent at the moment.  Much like I anticipate this post will be.  Forgive me.  But lately, sleep has eluded me just like the the Black Pearl eluded Jack Sparrow.

Of course, I know you want something entertaining and relevant to read.  I want something quick and easy to write. Unfortunately, this will not be the Thanksgiving recap post my ambitious 10 am self at work today thought it would.   Instead, my now 9 pm self says “slap it up there and call it a day.”   Which is kind of what I did for dinner with my ambitious bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

It’s the cheesiest after all.

Kind of like my jokes,  ha-HA!

By the way, you should know that I totally had a good topic in mind when I first started typing this post.  Only then I went to you tube to link you a clip about The Pirates of the Caribbean (in case you hadn’t seen it – aren’t I nice?). This totally distracted me for an amount of time I’m too embarrassed to admit while searching for just the right clip.

In case you were wondering , it’s not this one or this one.

But this one. Savvy?

Shall we add ADD to my list of self diagnosises now or at the end the end of the post?

Moving on then.  Last night Somanna and I had some really funny exchanges of witty repartee, all of which we kept congratulating ourselves on how hysterical we are (humility, say what?!) and how we need to blog about it because we’re just like sooo funny.

Why hasn’t Hollywood discovered us already?

Funnily enough, I can’t remember any of those exchanges now.   See, this is the problem.   We should write this stuff down when it happens.   For your internet viewing pleasure.

Wow, that sounded so much dirtier typed out than in my head.   Sorry, Mama.

The other more practical problem is that most of our exchanges involve many (many) voices and character impersonations.   Often these things don’t translate as well onto the page as they do in conversation.

I don’t know why I feel compelled to share all of these behind the blogging scenes tidbits with you.   But I feel that you should know them.   Honesty:  I’m a fan.

OH!! I just remembered what I wanted to write to you about.  Yes.

Ok, I had the most brilliant idea the other day and I feel compelled to share it here with you Dear Reader.  I kind of love weddings.  Ok, I love weddings alot.  Or really any party.   After all, celebrations are what we do best.   But I especially love weddings because they are such *fabulous* parties.  Also, Committment:  I’m a fan.

Anyhoos, whilst listening to Christmas music in my cube o’holiday cheer I heard this song.  And I thought what a great song to walk down the aisle to! Which launched me into this whole Christmas / winter wonderland themed wedding and reception.  In my head it’s spectacular, in case my sister decides to have a winter wedding WHICH YOU TOTALLY SHOULD BRITTANY.  I HAVE VETOED THE SPRING WEDDING NOW!

I’m tempted to launch into my vision of grandeur, but I feel I’ve tortured you enough for one night, so I’ll spare you those delicious details.  But don’t worry, I remembered to write down those details because I am cataloguing a host of ideas for my sister.

No she’s not engaged.  But that’s the not the point. The point is that my winter wedding fantasy involves a sleigh complete with reindeer, hot cocoa and tons of candles.

Those three things alone should guarantee you a smashing celebration.

Or a smashing disaster.

Either way, I’d love to see it played out.

Any takers?



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3 responses to “Day 11: Thursday Tidbits

  1. Oh. My. Lord. You did NOT blog about the hypothetical Christmas wedding. Groom FIRST, Beth, then seasonal selections.

    Also, are you forgetting my key character trait of clumsiness? Me, in a sleigh, in a tricky white dress with effing hot chocolate????? Add CANDLES and WILD ANIMALS?!?!?! Plus for there to be an effective sleigh that means certain things: 1) necessitates snow 2) = I’d have to wear long sleeves, which would be weird 3) I’d probably slip and fall on ice.

    Sorry to ruin your plans Sister Dearest 😦

    Also, sidenote: if you and Shaloot had a VLOG (video log) you could show your impressions and character voices!

  2. err but I did (!)

    Don’t worry ! I’ve already thought of clumsy-proof alternatives. Such as wearing reindeer antlers for your pictures (and a CUTE Rudolph nose that lights up!) in case reserving a fleet of reindeer in the southeastern US is a problem. The cocoa you’re giving away as favors in powder form with marshmallows – so you won’t be drinking it anyways and the candles – well those you’ll just have to avoid knocking over which won’t be too hard as they’ll be used as decor / in the background.

    Not that I’ve thought this through or anything 😉
    Thanks for being a good sport for blogging purposes :))

  3. Hm… sounds like Brittany better find herself someone from way up north (or Canada, ay?) to make these snow and sleigh dreams of your’s come true. 😉

    On the youtube note, I would probably be depressed if I realized how much time I have actually wasted on there…. mostly in Phish videos. I can just watch one after another and keep myself entertained for hours, lol!

    Yes, I should read more books….

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