Day 8: Random: Freshly Served

Ho hum. We’re supposed to blog today and that’s quite a challenge as we have plans, work and other commitments. So I’m just going to ramble a bit and then put a bow on this sucker and post it anyways.

 You’re welcome in advance.

 1.)  I really love Christmas music.  A lot.  And now that Thanksgiving has officially passed I can fully indulge this habit.  Yes, I am that person that listens to it all day at work.  No, I don’t get tired of it.  But only at Christmas time.  None of that Christmas in July bullsh*t.

2.)  Speaking of Christmas, I’m really excited to start watching some Classic Christmas movies.  And by classic, I mean Elf, Home Alone, and The Christmas Story.  Yes, please.

3.)  We’re debating getting a Christmas tree this year.  We’re not spending Christmas at our house, so it’s kind of like what’s the point?  Then again, there’s always something magical about the smell, the lights, and the decorations.  What are less magical are the costs.

 Hmmm, what if we just let our blog readers decide?  Yes! Let’s have a poll!

 Dear Readers, Should we get a Christmas tree this year or save our pennies?

 (Don’t forget, we’re operating on one income here, kids.)

 Leave your vote in the comments!

 4.)  Lately, I’ve been missing cable TV like something fierce.  Normally, I don’t.  I think this means I’m stressed.  I guess you could call it emotional viewing, kind of like emotional eating?  I love to self diagnosis, don’t you?

5.)  I’ve also been hankering (yes, it is a word!) for a smart phone.  I know, we live in the dark ages blah, blah, blah.  But then I tell myself that is a WANT not a NEED and that there’s really no justification for that additional expense (especially now).  But it would be SO COOL!  But think of those who live without cell phones Bethie.  See totally a want, not a need.  But what about the maps feature?  So useful!  And the magical “can find restaurants near you” feature?  That fulfills a need for eating after all!

 Think of the WASTE Beth!!  The piles of perfectly good cell phones in the landfill Beth!!

 Welcome to my world of liberal guilt.


 *faceplants into desk.*

 6.)  This year for Christmas I want to bake my gifts (Surprise Family!).  That will cancel out my smart phone purchase won’t it?  No, I am not getting a smart phone.  BE STRONG BETH!

7.)  Why don’t more people use their turn signals?  Use your turn signals people.  It doesn’t require much effort.  Just extend your finger and flick that sucker on.  You are raising my blood pressure and I, in turn, raise my middle finger to you.

8.)  I’m nearing the end of my list, but I really want to make it to 10.  You know I have a penchant for lists, right?

9.)  While staring at the keyboard for inspiration I just realized that my hands are ghastly pale.  Good Lord.

10.)  Well I made it to 10 and so did you.  Let’s congratulate ourselves with some ice cream, since Oreos are out of the question for awhile.

 Happy Monday Y’all.



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7 responses to “Day 8: Random: Freshly Served

  1. We’re not getting a tree this year, which bums me out, like, soooooooooooooo damn much, because we won’t be at home either AND our ornaments are somewhere buried far, far back in our storage unit. Maybe a small tree, a la Charlie Brown? So my vote is a maybe.

    Yay for baking gifts! I just bought tons of canning jars this weekend to can away during the holidays.

    I say resist the Smart phone deal. Be a Luddite with me – I think having every single thing at your fingertips is a little freaky (and kind of annoying). Plus, they’re expensive! Save those dollar bills for travel!

  2. Tone

    I say:
    Dont get a tree, come visit us instead and we will get you a BIG tree (christmas trees are one of the few rare things that are actually cheaper here in this freakishly expensive frozen tundra (think hell has frozen over here…. seriously…) than on your side of the pond.
    Dont get the smart phone – you will safe a ton of money … first not getting the phone… then consequently not finding the restaurants, meaning you will cook at home and save money …assuming you will not spend endless gas looking and skyrocket your CO2 emissions.. then you might as well help us all save the earth and get it!!

  3. I’m going to be the one that says “get a tree!” We also are always gone for Christmas, which I’ll confess, I kind of hate. But, I always put up a tree, as it just helps me feel festive and happy for the month. That being said, our tree is very small and inexpensive (clearly it’s not a real tree, which is sad to me in itself, but a discussion for another time).

    Anyway, you can get a small tree at Wal-Mart for less than $30, so you don’t have to worry about it being a fire hazard or anything like that. Plus, it will just make you feel good. AND, you’re saving money by baking gifts, remember? 😉

    Oh, and I also say no to the smart phone. I had to get a droid for work recently, and while it’s fun to play games on (no really, that is what I do), I don’t like being THAT accessible all the time, you know? Kev has a blackberry, and to be honest, it drives me crazy b/c he’s on it ALL. THE. TIME.

  4. Bob Wyche

    I like Erin’s Charlie Brown Tree idea. Just get one that doesn’t look as sad as his did. At least have it stand up when decorated. Smart phone is super cool and useful, but expensive. I am not the one to offer an opinion since my behavior speaks volumes as I own 2 – one for work and one for me:) Come to Pittsburgh for Christmas, we have 2 trees and you can have one.

  5. Mom

    I say get a small artificial tree. You can at least enjoy the lights. Put a wreath on the door and listen to the Christmas music as you bake. In later years, you can once again have the big tree if you want and use the little tree in your bedroom or on a table in the sunroom. Just a thought! Didn’t we give you a small tree, or was that Brittany? I decline to comment on the smart phone!

  6. I took statistics about 13 years ago, so I’m a little rusty on standard deviation, probability distribution and bell curves, oohh la la! But I”m going to forge ahead, science or no science, and arbitrairly state that these five opinions matter more anyway and therefore, totally count as a well sampled pool of official data. Besides, what’s that saying? “There’s lies, damned lies and statistics.”

    We’ll keep you posted on the tree decision, as that is still pending. But I think we’re gonna find a nice middle of the road compromise 🙂

    As for the smart phone, I will faithfully be lovin’ up on my average phone of mediocrity for many, many more months – no matter how many incomes we have in this house. There are about 1,000 other things I would rather do with my spare cash before putting it towards a phone, for me at least. I judge you not, smart phone lovers!

    Plus, I tend to drop my phone…like all the time. That just seems a rather foolish combination of Beth’s clumsiness + fancy technology = FAIL.

  7. Since you kinda asked the question to the public, and by last reckoning, you haven’t yet made a decision – don’t get the tree. Save time, effort and money 🙂

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