Day 6: Cheap Entertainment

The intraweb is an amazing thing.  So vast.  So much cool stuff.  A great way to communicate to a huge audience or a very niche audience.  A convenient means for transacting business and keeping in touch.  Of course, there’s also a lot of junk too, sure.  Nonetheless, I think we’re all in agreement here that the internets have made life a lot more fun.

And yet, how many times after obsessively responsibly checking my email and facebook for the umpteenth time do I sit here at this computer screen and think:

“The internet is so boring.”

Enter your local news site.  Friends, the next time boredom strikes your mouse pad, I invite you to check out your local news website.  Perhaps, if your local site leaves you unimpressed, you can take a looksee around our go-to site for all things Raleigh:

Good ole Wral carries all of your local headlines of course.  Some of which are entertaining in and of themselves.  And then there is the ever important weather forecast, that no matter how many times a day I check it, I still can’t seem to retain its predictions.

But that’s not where the real fun lies.  Oh no.  The real fun lies in the comments section.

Apparently, there are people who feel so inspired by the local news that they want to,  No! are COMPELLED to share with the rest of us their thoughts.

Case in point, the news story regarding Black Friday shoppers that ran, err, last Friday.  Redundancy aside, here’s the link to the story, should you not have more valuable things to do with your time.  Which clearly you don’t since you’re reading this blog 😉

To summarize the article for those of you who are lazy like me and won’t bother clicking on the link, it basically interviews those super dedicated / crazed shoppers who camp out at ungodly hours of the night for all of the sales.  Your regular post Turkey Day story that we see every year.  Pretty standard, really.

But look closer my pretty.  Do you see the 42 comments lurking underneath the article?

42 comments ? Really?? 


Yup, there are 42 comments: often angry, usually poorly written, but all RANDOM and utterly non-constructive in terms of content.

Kind of like this blog.   Minus the anger part.  And the bad writing – well- that part is debatable.

Anyhoos, the comments start out benign, with things like:

“More powr to u if u like those bargains.  I”ll stay N the comfort of my home. Thanx”

No, thank you for sharing “jjhotrod846.” Clearly, this insight would have escaped me on my own.

This continues until an instigator jumps in and says something so blatantly flammatory and before you know it Shortcak53 and AireborneDaddy are slinging yo’ mama insults while discussing  the downfall of American society.

Sidenote: “Discussing” seems the wrong term here as it implies a certain level of intelligence combined with the cognitive formulation of an argument.  Attributes that  I’m just not sure these commentators possess, bless their hearts.

It’s highly entertaining stuff folks. Or rather lowly entertaining stuff.

Either way, it’s very entertaining.

Try it sometime.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, kind of like going to the State Fair.

It really takes all kinds in this world.




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4 responses to “Day 6: Cheap Entertainment

  1. This cracks me up, because I seriously check our local news site and read the comments–NO LIE! It’s also fun to do on the Citizen-Times website, if you’re ever really bored. Then all the Avl liberals and mtn conservatives go at it with stupid arguments and points. Ha!

  2. Julie T.

    I ❤ this post. Totally agree 🙂

  3. Glad to know I’m not the only out there laughing at the comments! I love it when people leave comments on weather forecasts. Really?? REALLY!?!! I just don’t get it!!!

  4. May

    Oh wow– if you enjoy the comments you HAVE to check out — no shortage of entertaining comments there, even on the most benign articles.

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